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His Destined Path Chapter 3292

“A man of God from heaven?”

Those four big words, hanging with a huge question mark, appeared in everyone’s mind almost at the same time, no matter whether the people present were poor, or rich, or whether they were little soldiers or bigwigs, all were treated equally.

Then, these four big words with this question mark slammed heavily into everyone’s mind and heart, and for a while, the heart trembled and the brain was quiet.

It was like a pawn scene.

Han Qianqian was also a little surprised, standing in place, his smile slightly frozen, he really hadn’t thought that the result of the match would suddenly flip at the last moment, but what he hadn’t thought of even more was that Lord Zhu City would suddenly come up with the words of a heaven-sent divine being to completely saddle him with an identity.

“He’s a heaven-sent god-man?”

After a long time, the crowd reflected, and the scene was like ice and snow suddenly melting and boiling over, from a universal silly stand to now a crowd explosion.

There was a great deal of noise.

Almost everyone was talking to each other with great shock, and from time to time they looked back at the stage, hoping to see through Han Qianqian.

It was hard to accept, after all, one minute he was the trash they said he was, but the next he was the hero they worshipped most, the God of War.

How could people accept such a huge difference at once?

“I’ve said it for a long time, just now Duke Ruyu’s loss was full of fishy things, and now, Black Mountain Demon Ji’s match is the same as before, don’t you guys notice anything?”

It was hard to admit that a person was better than oneself, and it was even harder to admit that a far inferior trash, trash was suddenly better than oneself.

“That’s right, Lord Ruyu playing a fake match and Lord Zhu City sending a black mountain demon girl to the field, this woman competing for women is an oddity in itself, unless ……”

“Unless it is simply the Lord of the City of Zhu sent up to play, as for the purpose of well is also very obvious, to some people to add color and light, and then logically pushed to the God’s throne.”

“With such a divine person, the position of Lord Zhu and Caili City will naturally rise even higher in the future.

People rely on their mouths to do what is best for them.

This group of people were cheering for the appearance of Black Mountain Demon Princess, because in their eyes, Black Mountain Demon Princess can help them to vent their anger.

But now that there was no more use for it, naturally the role quickly changed from the eyes of the crowd.

It’s just that it’s them who are white and it’s them who are black, which is really helpless and disgusting and ridiculous.

“This means that this kid is actually a loser, but he was only promoted to the stage by the Zhu City Lord behind him, and then some experts were found to gild his status, but in the end, it was the Zhu City Lord who benefited.”

“However, although City Lord Zhu does want to create momentum for our Cailuo City, he doesn’t need to invest all his time and energy on this punk.”

“Just looking at this punk’s small body, hey, even if so many experts accompany him in his drama, it really stirs up suspicion.”

A group of people shook their heads and all sighed bitterly, followed by a chorus of boos on the stage under their leadership.

Seeing this scene, City Lord Zhu was slightly stunned, obviously, he did not expect such a reaction from the stage, moreover, the reaction was so huge.

However, as the lord of a city, even though the situation was chaotic, he remained incomparably calm, and after sweeping a glance at everyone present, he smiled, “If Lord Han was one of Zhu’s men, then just ask, how could Zhu have allowed his subordinates to take him to the Heavenly Prison yesterday?”

“Secondly, there are many of you who have followed Mister Zhu for many years, have they ever seen Sir Han?”

With just two short sentences, the sighs of the whole room were instantly and directly suppressed to death.

“Moreover, Zhu has always been clear and unambiguous in his work, so I would never do such a thing. As for sending the Black Mountain Demon Princess onto the stage, I must admit that this is indeed an arrangement outside of the tournament.”

Hearing these words, the crowd began to stir again, speculating what the purpose of such an alternative arrangement was for Lord Zhu to send the Black Mountain Demon Princess onto the stage.”

Zhu City Lord smiled gently, “In fact, I have long suspected that Mr. Han is the god who destroyed this Demon Cloud Ghost City, but I have not been able to prove it.”

With these words, City Master Zhu glanced at the Black Mountain Demon Princess and, in front of everyone, suddenly knelt down in front of Han Qianqian with a bang ……