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His Destined Path Chapter 3293

“The godly man is above, helping me to remove the great trouble from that tribe forever, not to mention that our respect has not been fulfilled, instead, we have offended much, please also ask the godly man to subdue our sin.” As the words fell, Zhu Yan Shuo buried his head deeply, his attitude extremely respectful.

Although he was only the lord of a small city, he was like a jade in bamboo, simple but warm, gentle but elegant, elegant but not uncouth.

At that time when the city was in the doldrums, when Cailuo City was thirsty for wise men, he had never paid such obeisance in the face of experts from all walks of life, even top experts such as the Black Mountain Demon Princess, although he was courteous to the wise men.

To be precise, if Zhu Yan Shuo had faked a divine being to create momentum for Cailuo City, this possibility could not be ruled out either. After all, as they had suspected, with the help of the gods, Cailuo City’s star would naturally shine brighter, which would help Zhu Yanshuo to raise his status and make Cailuo City’s name known.

But if Zhu Yanshuo personally knelt down to answer for his sins, then this reason would instantly fall apart and become a rumour.

For in the middle of this, an inversion occurred.

Zhu Yanshuo is the underdog, while the godly man is the top. Even if the hype does build up, the boost to Zhu Yanshuo’s honour will actually be minimal and will even be damaged.

After all, he was the absolute king here, and not anyone else as it should be.

“Could it be that that guy is really the godly man who destroyed the Demonic Cloud Ghost City? If not, how could the titular Lord of Cailuo City kneel down for him?”

Everyone looked at each other, and no one dared to raise any objections at this point.

For if Han Qianqian was really a Godman descended from the sky, and anyone present had offended him, how could the Cailuo City of today not be the Devil Cloud Ghost City of the past?

If he were to become angry, I fear that a new Cailuo City would be added to the name of the God Man.

“If you don’t believe me, you can come up and fight me.” The Black Mountain Demon Princess let out a cold cry and looked at everyone.

When they heard this, everyone was shocked again, what was the difference between competing with Black Mountain Demon Princess, please, and seeking death?

Seeing that no one said anything, Black Mountain Demon Princess then looked at Han Qianqian, her attitude was not humble, and she said softly, “I have offended you just now, so I would like to ask for your kindness, Sir Han.”

“My subordinate argued with you, but I have thought about it and found that there are some doubts about this matter, since you are not a slave and are young, why are you so much slower and in the company of old people.”

“From the subconscious mind of man, surviving in a hellish world like the Devil’s Cloud Ghost City, anyone would have left there quickly once there was any possibility of escape, but not you.”

“So, from that moment on, I could decide that you were in no way a slave, and certainly not a spy.”

“The fact that you are a foreigner again makes me even more suspicious.”

“But all this was a guess, and even I only thought so for a moment.”

“But what really made me start to reintroduce this hint of thought was the fight between you and Lord Ruyu.”

Even though Zhu Yanshuo had seen countless people and masters, he had never seen such an outrageous and surprising one.

“I dare to have an idea, Black Mountain Demon Princess is my good friend, her cultivation level need not be mentioned, so this is why I took the initiative to inform her to come and give it a try.”

“Although it is only one move, but it is already enough to explain anything, plus your strange background identity, I think, this matter I have already ten percent sure.” After saying this, he gave another gentle bow, “I am sorry for being so abrupt, please forgive me, Godman.”

Han Qianqian smiled, honestly, he was quite surprised, he really hadn’t thought that someone would be able to find out his identity bit by bit based on a few traces.

“Interesting.” Han Qianqian gently laughed.

The words way oh, also ignored Zhu Yanshuo, directly a few steps towards Zhu Yan’er.

If it were before, Zhu Yan’er would certainly slap this person who was rude to her yesterday and also demeaning to her today directly, but after listening to her brother’s story, for some reason, she still had the urge ……

But that urge was not to hit someone, it was ……

Rather, it was an indescribable sense of tension and a strange sense of anticipation.

Before she could reflect, Han Qianqian had already arrived in front of her, and then he made a move that left himself momentarily stunned ……