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His Destined Path Chapter 3294

Han Qianqian grabbed Zhu Yan’er’s hand and turned to look at Zhu Yanshuo, “Since we won the ring, I will take her away and return her to Zhao intact when the time comes.”

With those words, Han Qianqian dragged Zhu Yan’er off the stage and headed for the city lord’s residence.

All along the way, those who were arrogant and even shouted at Han Qianqian, none of them looked as arrogant and domineering as they did before, and they all looked at Han Qianqian like docile sheep, and walked towards the city lord’s residence.

The crowd, which was supposed to be a sea of people, had, at some point, obediently made way for Han Qianqian to leave.

Zhu Yanshuo smiled bitterly as he got up from the ground and looked at Han Qianqian, who had left.

Then, he looked at the Black Mountain Demon Princess at the side, “So, there are two sides to everything, keeping one’s word is a good virtue, but at this moment, how I wish that he would not keep his word.”

Hearing his words, a rare smile appeared on Black Mountain Demon Princess’s face as she turned around and got down from the ring with Zhu Yan Shuo and went back into the hall.

As the Lord dispersed, this group of spectators also intended to disperse.

But it was because of this thought that this group of guys suddenly remembered that something didn’t seem right.

“f*ck, since he’s a heaven-sent God-man, what the f*ck are we still doing here now, one by one? f*ck, those motherf*ckers were barking during the Godman fight just now? I want to f*cking kill you all, apologise now.”

As someone roared, a group of people suddenly awakened, and in the next second, tens of thousands of people were like a tidal wave, frantically surging towards the direction Han Qianqian had left.

The mocking voices from before were all gone, leaving only the screams of “Wait for me, Godman” and pleas for mercy.

At that moment, Han Qianqian had already taken advantage of those people’s dumbfoundedness to pull Zhu Yan’er and disappear outside the City Lord’s residence.


In the guest room of a certain tavern, Zhu Yan’er’s delicate body fell half-lightly, half-heavily onto the bed, the cover falling down to reveal the stunningly beautiful face.

Such a superb beauty would be a valuable “vase” in front of anyone, afraid of melting in the mouth or dropping in the hand, but only here ……

Although the fall was not heavy, it was certainly not light either.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual vase.

But just as she was about to get up in anger, he suddenly stood in front of her and then placed a large hand slightly on her forehead.

In an instant, the anger that filled her heart was extinguished as if it had met cold water, and what she got instead was a racing heartbeat and shortness of breath at that moment.

Honestly, although this guy was a human, he was still quite good looking, plus he was good at it, en ……

“You’re not sick, are you?” Just as she was thinking more and more about it, a cold bark came into her ears.

Her face turned red with anger as she looked over at the man, her pretty eyes filled with anger, she really wanted to curse out, you’re the one who’s sick, your whole family is sick.

But when she looked up at him, she found him staring at her closely too, and for a moment her face flushed even more.

“Who the hell are you?”

Who else could this man be but Han Qianqian?

He sat back slightly on the stool next to him and poured himself a cup of tea as he asked.

“Didn’t you ask last night, my name is Zhu Yan’er.” Zhu Yan’er muttered and said.

“No way.” Han Qianqian picked up his tea and took a sip, then looked at her coldly.

“Xia Wei Xia Wei, my name is always Xia Wei, right?” As soon as she saw this look on his face, she instantly remembered what happened last night, and the more she thought about it, the more depressed she became, and couldn’t help but roll her eyes and say.

No one could hold back their temper in front of a man they liked and who kept mentioning other women, including Zhu Yan’er.

Han Qianqian ignored her and just continued to look straight at her.

A few moments later, Han Qianqian stood up and then, in front of Zhu Yan’er, directly untied his outer garment.

As soon as she saw him do so, Zhu Yan’er was startled, holding her legs and retreating towards the bed, panicking, “What are you doing?”

“Since you refuse to say anything, then I’ll have to use my own methods.” With those words, Han Qianqian threw away his outer clothes and slowly climbed onto the bed ……