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His Destined Path Chapter 3297

The next second, Han Qianqian thought nothing of it and went straight after him.

It wasn’t just Xia Wei, what was actually more important to Han Qianqian was the Pierced Mountain Armour, and what was even more important than the Pierced Mountain Armour was the Heavenly Book he was holding in his hand.

Su Yingxia and Han Nian were both in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, so how could he not be anxious?

Seeing Han Qianqian follow, Zhu Yan’er smiled gently and walked towards the stairs as she quickened her pace.

The two of them quickly walked out of the restaurant, one after the other. Although it was already close to dusk, the town street outside the restaurant was bustling with activity.

Although Zhu Yanshuo has indeed made a great effort to make the new area complete, it is still a bit far away from the old town, and since it has only been newly built, it is not as lively as the old town.

But this is a relative term, and if you compare it to other places, it can still be said to be very prosperous.

As the night approaches, the number of stalls on the streets has not decreased at all, but more and more vendors are setting up new ones.

The market was also getting more and more crowded, which made Han Qianqian somewhat helpless.

After all, he knew there would be trouble with the City Lord’s Palace, which is why he had dragged Zhu Yan’er to the less crowded side and stayed in the tavern in the first place.

But now, plans are not as good as changes, and it was too late to hide, but Zhu Yan’er took the initiative to drag herself out.

But it turns out that Han Qianqian thought too much, because even though many people in the new area did not go to the marriage competition, and knew that the godman was in the city but did not recognize him as a godman, ……

The fact that this is the only way to get the most out of your life is to be able to get the most out of your life.

The point is, as this dusk comes and the night approaches, more and more stalls and more and more people gather here, and this busy street becomes more and more of a sensation.

It is true that the redhead is a curse, and as she causes a stir, she is also forced to become a thorn in the side of many men.

However, Zhu Yan’er didn’t care about this and didn’t even see it. She was like a bird that had been locked in a cage for a long time and once she left the door, she looked like she had never seen the world before, happily looking left and right, wanting to touch that and eat this, and she didn’t even have the basic concept of paying.

If Han Qianqian hadn’t wiped her bottom all the way, she would have been stopped by the merchants on the street and asked for money.

Han Qianqian endowed with patience, but patience is also limited, a few steps to Zhu Yan’er’s side, helplessly sighed: “I said Miss Zhu, aren’t you going to take me to someone?”

“You’ve been wandering from the street to the end of the street for almost an hour and a half.” With that, Han Qianqian glanced back behind her.

Zhu Yan’er also followed Han Qianqian’s gaze, and when she did, she stuck her tongue out in embarra*sment.

Zhu Yanshuo had moved this busiest street to this side of the city in order to gather popularity for the new area.

This street is several kilometres long and the roadside stalls are basically overwhelmed. Zhu Yan’er just looked at this and picked that, not to mention the time to top it off, even the amethyst flowers were a bit overwhelmed.

It is a good thing that Han Qianqian is not so bad, if it were someone else, it is estimated that halfway through the road would be bankrupt.

When Han Qianqian reminded her of this, Zhu Yan’er was also a little embarra*sed, and with a heated smile, the great beauty could also instantly become extremely cute: “Hehehe, sorry, I’ve been living deep in the city lord’s residence, it’s hard to come out, so I was a little excited about the transition for a while.”

“Consider it an early reward for thanking me, how about that?”

Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, “As long as you can help me find someone, let alone this, I don’t care if I buy this street for you.”

“I can’t tell you’re rich, you’d have to spend a lot of money to buy this street?” Zhu Yan’er teased.

“Alright, I’m not going to joke with you, don’t worry, we’ll be there soon.” With these words, Zhu Yan’er pointed to the end of the street.

Han Qianqian looked at it with his eyes and could not help but frown ……