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His Destined Path Chapter 3298

The end ahead, as far as the eye can see, but it is just simply pitch black, it seems to be the end of this night market already, not like looking for someone ah.

Seeing Han Qianqian frowning, Zhu Yan’er couldn’t help but snicker: “What? You don’t dare to go? Afraid I’ll eat you?”

Han Qianqian looked at Zhu Yan’er strangely, and then looked at the people pa*sing by, and they all looked at Han Qianqian as if they had seen a ghost when they heard this.

After all, there was nothing wrong with Han Qianqian saying that to Zhu Yan’er, but if Zhu Yan’er said that to Han Qianqian, then it would be outrageous to open the f*cking door, outrageous to the core.

“I’m just wondering, it’s dark there, not to mention looking for people, there’s not even a ghostly figure there in the first place.” Han Qianqian said helplessly.

“Follow me.” Zhu Yan’er smiled gently and was just about to walk away, but a bold and small-minded idea of her own came to her mind and she took Han Qianqian’s hand and headed straight for the end of the street.

Han Qianqian was full of thoughts about finding someone and the night market was crowded, so she didn’t think about it that much.

On the contrary, after these two had left, there was a lot of wailing and shouting, and some exaggerated ones even pounded their feet and chests on the spot, depressed.

After all, when the goddess of their hearts took the hand of another man, it already meant that their hopes were completely shattered, so how could their hearts not be broken?

The two of them made their way through the far end of the night market, and the hustle and bustle of the lights and lights around them stopped, behind them, but in contrast to the darkness they were now in, there was a sense of peace and solitude, even though they were not far behind them.

Zhu Yan’er did not stop, pulling Han Qianqian forward, and the further he went, the more desolate it became.

When Han Qianqian couldn’t help but make a sound, the front suddenly became bright and several very large lanterns were hanging around, the lanterns were big and the candlelight was bright, but because they were spread out too much, the light was not really enough when it reached the ground.

However, even so, Han Qianqian, who was in a darker place, could still clearly see that under the lanterns, there were quite a few people gathered.

“Is that the ……?”

“The underground black market.” Zhu Yan’er said softly, “The largest black market in Cailuo City, or rather the largest black market within this thousand-mile radius.”

The city was located at a chokepoint, and was an important route to the four central regions of the devil race, and was also an important city for the four central regions of the devil race, so there was a constant stream of customers.

There is normal trading, and there is other illegal trading, hence the underground black market.

“In the land of the devils, only the normal way of buying things is used, but if you want to buy other things, you have to go to the black market, and you might get ripped off, or you might make a fortune.” Zhu Yan’er said as she pulled Han Qianqian towards there.

“At least it is more so in Cailuo City.”

“My brother is strict in his management and to promote the trade of goods, it is the formalized markets that are strongly supported, such as the market you see during the day and the night market.”

“However, this is the land of the demons, and it is the law of the demons that the weak are stronger than the strong, and my brother cannot completely ignore it, so he turns a blind eye to the underground black market.”

“In such an environment, the underground black market is far more attractive and exciting than any other place to come, and there are naturally more good things.”

“What does this have to do with me finding someone?” Han Qianqian was a little depressed.

“It has to be related, you’ll know later, come with me.” With those words, Zhu Yan’er pulled Han Qianqian straight to speed up his steps.

A few moments later, the two of them walked one after the other, within the lantern area.

There were no shouts from the night market outside, and even though there were many stalls here, almost so dense that one could feel dense phobia when looking at them, the place was extremely quiet. If it wasn’t for the number of people wandering around the stalls, or making a little noise from the enquiries, Han Qianqian would have thought he had entered a ghost market.

Zhu Yan’er didn’t care about any of this and pulled Han Qianqian deeper into the market, and with her presence, the eyes of the stall owners began to turn a little spooky and eerie.

The two of them did not linger until they reached a ma*s grave, where there were fewer people and Zhu Yan’er finally stopped ……