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His Destined Path Chapter 3303

One million?

When hearing this offer, even Zhu Yan’er was dumbfounded at this moment, this price couldn’t be said to be outrageous, it could simply be said to be ripped off to the point of no return.

A million amethysts. Not to mention buying a rabbit girl, even if it was used to buy a large quantity of goods every night, it could buy several nights.

Was this person crazy?

With a face full of surprise, Zhu Yan’er turned her head back, but she was even more surprised when she saw the person who shouted the price.

It was none other than Han Qianqian!

At this moment, he rose gently and raised his hand slightly. His eyes didn’t even glance at the fellow surnamed Ma.

It wasn’t just Zhu Yan’er, everyone present. He had seen a lot of rich people who were generous with their money, but this was the first time he had seen such a generous person who did not even consider money as money.

One million purple crystals!

It was straightforward to say without any hesitation that it could cover the entire auction night’s thirty items.

“f*ck you, you kid, you’re f*cking sick, right? ” the guy surnamed Ma couldn’t sit still anymore and stood up from his seat with a tentative movement, pointing his finger at Han Qianqian and cursing angrily.

“You f*cking hillbilly, haven’t played the auction before, have you. Straight f*cking f*ck a million. ”

“Brat, you have to pay the price you call for. You don’t have to pay for it, you don’t have to be here to be a jerk, you don’t have to tell me to remind you that if you pay the price and win the auction, you can’t pay for it. You will die a horrible death. ”

As soon as Old Ma said something, several of his brothers around him also immediately choked up after him. They all cursed Han Qianqian.

At this moment, the dwarf also reminded appropriately: “This gentleman is very new, I think he must have never been here before, in that case, I need to talk to you about the rules. If you end up grabbing the auction but can’t pay, then I’m sorry, according to our rules here. You will have to pay with your life at that time. ”

“So, are you sure you really want to bid one million? ”

Although the price was really tempting. The auctioneer could not wait for the item to be sold at that price, which was after all the ultimate goal of the auction.

But the price is attractive but also clearly outrageous. It’s not a good idea to get nothing for a while, which would affect your business.

The company’s main business is to provide a good service to its customers. ”

The dwarf nodded and then swept the crowd, “This gentleman offers one million, please, is there any higher than him?

“One million. First time. ”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the scene remained incredibly quiet, no one would make any noise at a time like this, that rabbit girl was indeed good. However, while it was possible to fight for it within 50,000, this one million was completely killing the hopes of many people.

Even if it was a hundred thousand, not to mention a million, many people there would definitely not participate in it.

“Wait a minute. ”

However, just at that moment. A voice came, and even Han Qianqian looked at the voice in wonder.

But when Han Qianqian turned his head. But when Han Qianqian turned his head, he found that the voice was not someone else, but the man named Ma who had been talking to them endlessly.

“Do you want to bid? ” although it was strange. But Han Qianqian asked in an unusually bland manner.

“What? Are you a fool who’s scared now and can’t wait for others to hurry up and snatch the auction away from you? Don’t f*cking dream about it. As an adult, then you must learn to be responsible for what you say. “The man named Ma said in an unusually high-profile manner.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, not bothering to talk to this kind of idiot, you ask a question, he can be so outrageous to think of something that can not even touch the edge.

The man is even more arrogant, as if he has already won: “I just want to remind the little shorty, today it is best not to wait until all the auction is finished and then collect the money, it is best to finish the auction and then hurry to close first, otherwise, I am afraid that you tonight this rabbit girl in the end no one will recognize the account. ”

The words fell and the crowd laughed.

The old gnome wanted to laugh, but he suppressed his laughter and continued: “Okay, one million for the second time. ”

“Then I’ll wait a bit too. ” Just then, Han Qianqian suddenly raised his hand, an incomparably confident smile on his face.