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His Destined Path Chapter 3302

“Wow! ”

In the next second, the lights all came back on with a bang, and the entire space instantly returned to its original appearance.

Only, the most central stand. A dwarf, who was less than three feet tall, was already standing there at some point.

“Gentlemen, we meet again. “The dwarf looked up, and although he was a child, he had an old man’s face, full of wrinkles, which made people feel a little uncomfortable.

Plus an earthy grey skin. It seemed how disgusting he grew.

However, Han Qianqian’s side was extremely uncomfortable to watch. The others, however, were not affected in the slightest, but instead went into a frenzy with this guy’s chanting.

He, was he the vampire?

“Alright, without further ado, the usual rules, thirty items, and the three who buy the most can enjoy the services of the emperor space. “As the words fell, the lights swayed throughout the space, while the rather rhythmic music followed, and the atmosphere was pulled right up to full capacity.

Immediately afterwards, a few sexy girls pushed an object onto the stage, which was covered by a red cloth. It was not clear what was inside.

But as soon as the object reached the stage, the dwarf directly raised his hand. He lifted the red cloth on the spot.

Beneath the red cloth was an iron cage of about one metre, in which an almost fully-fruited woman had her head down and her torso wrapped around her. Shivering.

The most striking thing about her is the long pink ears on her head, which are somewhat otherworldly. But also somewhat pretty.

“Excellent rabbit girl, starting at one amethyst, any master who wants one shout up. ”

As soon as the words fell, several hands were raised wildly on the stage. The price was also raised directly from one amethyst to three thousand amethysts.

Han Qianqian frowned, is this an auction?

“To take the services of the emperor’s space. ” At this moment, Zhu Yan’er, who was on the side, came up to Han Qianqian’s ear and whispered, then. With a raised hand, she shouted softly, “Ten thousand. ”

With a shout from her. Once the price came out, it directly cooled down the originally quite lively room in an instant. Not only did the dwarf quickly look over, but even many of the other people on the scene couldn’t help but look back in unison.

10,000 purple crystals, not a lot, but straight away it was more than three times higher than the highest price, this bravado, rich people ah.

The gang of b*****ds surrounding him at the side. The girl’s eyes became even more hungry, who would have thought that this girl was not only extremely good looking, but also so f*cking rich?

But when you think about it, it’s true, if it wasn’t for the rich family. Who would keep a weak white girl like Han Qianqian?

“Fifty thousand! ”

Just at this moment, the man beside Zhu Yan’er who had just called for wine opened his mouth.

Zhu Yan’er was furious, she had already set the price very high, but what she didn’t expect was that there were still people grabbing it like this, and the price was even more outrageous.

It was not even necessary to think about it, the other party had clearly intended to come for her. Rather than actually wanting to buy.

Seeing Zhu Yan’er’s greatness rising and falling because of her anger, the guy was happy.

This beauty was already close to the water herself, so naturally he wanted to get the moon for himself. Although 50,000 purple crystals was a bit heartbreaking, but as the saying goes. The child can’t be spared, but the wolf can be trapped.

I’d like to be more generous, whether I’m angry with this girl or not. In any case, he had caught her attention.

“My God, 50,000, Ma is a bully today, come on, is there anything higher than 50,000. “The dwarf was delighted, the auctioneer naturally wanted the price to be raised as high as possible.

“Fifty-five thousand. “Zhu Yan’er suppressed her anger and spoke again.

“Sixty thousand. “The guy was not slow to follow up the price, and he did so tamely.

Zhu Yan’er’s face turned incomparably red with anger, and her whole person clenched her fist even more: “Sixty-five thousand. ”

“Seventy thousand. ” He still spoke slowly.

Zhu Yan’er finally couldn’t hold back: “Are you sincerely crossed with me? ”

The man smiled gently, “What the girl likes, so does Ma, and if the girl doesn’t want me to pay the price, that’s fine too. ” With those words, he pointed to his face and gestured for Zhu Yan’er to give him a kiss.

Zhu Yan’er was angry, but she really didn’t know what to do when she saw their scoundrelly faces.

“Like to raise the price so much? I’ll play with you, one million. ”

But at this moment, a bland and incomparable voice suddenly sounded behind Zhu Yan’er, and a figure slowly stood up.