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His Destined Path Chapter 3305

The voice was so powerful and majestic that it could be heard throughout the room.

The entire audience was dumbfounded and looked towards the door.

At this moment, a young man was standing at the door, followed by a middle-aged man and a huge man, as well as several small attendants.

In a place like this, with such a roar, it was only natural that there would be a lot of scolding, and in serious cases, the people would even be beaten up and thrown out of the place.

However, when everyone saw the young man, their anger subsided, and at the same time, there was even a hint of respect in their eyes.

Han Qianqian also frowned and looked at the man in disbelief, and could not help but murmur softly, “Is that him?”

“If you want to search his body, then why don’t you search Ning’s first?”

The person who came was none other than Duke Ruyu, the young master of the Ning family.

When he saw Han Qianqian looking at him, Duke Ruyu immediately smiled and gestured, and behind him, Master Lu and the giant man Pig San also hurriedly smiled guiltily at Han Qianqian at this moment, without any of the condescension and disdain they had previously shown Han Qianqian.

“Ah? Prince Ruyu?”

“My goodness, what brings him here? This is really a small temple welcoming a big god, it’s a great honor.”

Many people were happy on the spot when they saw who was coming, and there were even quite a few ladies in the crowd whistling at Lord Ruyu in an attempt to attract his attention.

A few bold ones even took the initiative to go over to greet Duke Ruyu with wine, just hoping to have some contact with such a young, talented and wealthy gent.

The old dwarf laughed: “Since Prince Ruyu has made a golden promise, who else dares to search his body in this black market? No search, no search.”

As soon as the brothers surnamed Ma heard this, their faces became even more embarra*sed. They looked at each other, and the one surnamed Ma gritted his teeth slightly and said in a deep voice, “Sir Ruyu has a point, I am Ma Lao Si.”

“There are only thirty kings in the black market, led by Ma Lao Si, I have heard of them, I have heard of them for a long time.” Duke Ruyu smiled gently, raised his hand slightly and gave a slight salute.

Seeing how humble and courteous Prince Ru Yu was, Ma Lao Si and the others were quite happy, thinking that his Thirty Kings of the Black Market were still extremely prestigious.

Since this was the case, then things would be much better.

“Old Fourth Ma has also heard of Duke Ruyu’s great fate for a long time, so I am courteous.” Old Fourth Ma also politely returned the greeting with a slight fist clasp, and then said, “However, Sir Ruyu, there is something that Old Fourth Ma has to go and remind you of.”

“Old Brother Ma, what is your instruction?” Duke Ruyu laughed gently.

“The underground black market has rules for the underground black market, even after Lord Zhu City came to Cailuo City, it is still the same, I believe this is something that Duke Ruyu should know very well.” Ma Lao Si laughed coldly.

Duke Ru Yu nodded, “What Brother Ma said is correct.”

“Since Duke Ruyu knows, then he should be even more clear that there is his special order here, moreover, Duke Ruyu claims that he wants to keep this person, so does Duke Ruyu know how much this person has just offered out?” Ma Lao Si snorted coldly.

Duke Ruyu shook his head, “Mister Ning came a little late and didn’t know.”

“Oh, although the Ning family is big, as the saying goes, even a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground, this kid just called for a whole 10 million purple crystals, are you really sure you won’t search him, Duke Ruyu?” Ma Lao Die sneered.

The meaning of his words was very clear, he was warning Prince Ruyu that he was the local snake here and that there was no need for him to cause any trouble, but at the same time, he was also telling Prince Ruyu that if he wanted to meddle, not only would he have to suffer this, he would even have to suffer a full 10 million purple crystals in compensation for his loss.

When Duke Ru Yu heard about the ten million purple crystals, he did visibly froze as well.

Although his family was a large one and had plenty of money, a full ten million Purple Crystals was obviously not a small amount.

To put it bluntly, it was by no means possible for someone of his status to come up with ten million at one time. Thinking of this, he could not help but look at Han Qianqian strangely.

Although he knew at this point that he had an unusual identity as a god, but to say that he was rich, judging from the way he was dressed, how could he look like that?

Seeing this look in Duke Ruyu’s eyes, Ma Laoshi thought he had succeeded in his ploy and gently walked over to Duke Ruyu’s side, patted him on the shoulder and laughed, “Ah Duke Ruyu, why risk so much for a piggyback friend, don’t you think?”

Duke Ruyu returned to his senses and looked at Ma Lao Die with some shock, “Piggy-buddy, him?”