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His Destined Path Chapter 3306

“Naturally.” Ma Laoshi nodded his head.

With a gentle movement, Duke Ruyu knocked away Ma Laoshi’s hand on his shoulder, and at that moment, the warm and inviting man also had a hint of coldness on his face, “To him, Ning might be a pig friend, or not even a friend at all.”

“But to Ning, he …… is.”

“Heh, if he doesn’t mind, Ning is even willing to call him a father.”

The Ning Family’s grand duke, the light of the Ning Family, had to call another young man his father in public, which would normally be a huge insult, but today, not only did Ning Ruyu not feel it was a shame, but rather a supreme glory.

If such a divine person could be owned by the Ning family, Ning Ruyu would never consider calling him grandfather, not to mention father, for even a second.

Hearing these words, Pig San and Master Lu behind him looked at each other and smiled, obviously agreeing with what their own son had said.

However, the others were completely dumbfounded.

Who was Prince Ruyu? He was a young hero, a star in the spotlight, a young master of the family, and it was not too much to say that his status was so prestigious that he was saluted by millions of people.

But this is such a big shot, yet at this moment he is calling a little white boy his father?

This is simply a f*cking outrage.

“Prince Ruyu, what are you talking about?” Ma Laoshi looked at Duke Ruyu incredulously, “Have you been fed some kind of ecstasy by this kid?”

Prince Ruyu snorted coldly, “I am very sober, and I still say that if I want to search him, then I am not looking at me and the entire Ning family.

When these words were spoken, ten thousand people were silenced, and they were all dumbfounded.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly at Ning Ruyu to show his gratitude.

Ning Ruyu nodded back to show that it was a small matter.

“sh*t, what the hell is that kid’s deal?”

“Yes, although the Ning family’s grandson has always been polite, everyone knows that he is as light as water with anyone who is a gentleman, such a blatant statement is really hard to see.”

“It seems that Ma Lao Si is having a bad day, he seems to have messed with some big shot.”

“The amount of money he offered was ten million dollars, and there was even someone who played the underwriting game with this amount. He probably never dreamed that he would end up messing with someone he should never have messed with after decades of hanging around in this underground black market.”

A group of people whispered and looked at Han Qianqian not with the same mockery as before, but with fear, fear from the bottom of their hearts.

Ma Laoshi’s group was also completely dumbfounded at this point. They had originally wanted to pressure Prince Ruyu into backing down, but how could they have ever imagined that the plot would jump to such a state?

After glancing at each other, since the situation was not right, Ma Lao Si and his brothers could only look at each other, and then, with their heads parted, they made a move to leave.

However, before they could take a few steps, a big mountainous belly came directly in front of Ma Lao Si and the rest of the gang.

If it wasn’t for his brothers behind him who held him up in time, I’m afraid that Ma Lao Si would have fallen over on the spot.

However, even so, the crowd was still amused.

When Ma Lao Si looked up, he saw that the person in front of them was none other than the attendant of Prince Ruyu, Pig San.

He was so tall and big that even compared to the demons, he was huge.

“Duke Ruyu, what does this mean?” Ma Laoshi looked at Duke Ruyu in disbelief.

This man, Duke Ruyu, never fought with people and would only treat them with courtesy. Today, this man of his but he suddenly wanted to cause trouble, which really made him puzzled.

“Mister Ning doesn’t do evil with anyone, this is clear to all of you.” Ning Ruyu smiled gently, “However, there are always exceptions to everything, there are some people that you can’t mess with, you want to search his body, right?”