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His Destined Path Chapter 3308

“A small land temple has suddenly welcomed a great god, and two at once, I am truly honoured.”

The black figure smiled faintly, and then he slowly turned around, revealing a long, slender and strange body.

It looked like a wolf and a fox, about six metres tall, with no waist, as if a fox’s head had suddenly grown around his waist, or as if the fox underneath and the wolf above had merged into one.

“A vampire?”

“Holy sh*t, vampires have always only appeared in the emperor’s space, why did they come to the hall today?”

“Holy sh*t, that kid is really something, this is an unprecedented first time in our underground black market with such specifications.”

“D*mn, it’s true that the real person doesn’t show his face… I’m glad I held back and didn’t mess with this guy.”

“Yes, you don’t have to think about it, he has such a beautiful woman with him at a young age, if he didn’t have the ability, how could he attract such a beautiful woman?”

A group of people whispered, the core of the conversation was still Han Qianqian, only the attitude found a 360 degree shift.

How much they had mocked before, how much they respected and envied now.

“A great god is not considered a great god, Ning is only a mere mortal, so one will do.” Ning Ruyu smiled gently.

“There are rumours in the jianghu that Duke Ruyu is dignified and polite as well as young and prestigious, but now, he is willing to bow down in front of this Duke, which is surprising.” As he spoke, the fox and wolf man looked at Han Qianqian and smiled in unison, “I am Blood Ghost, the helmsman of the underground black market, I would like to meet you.”

Han Qianqian smiled and raised his hand slightly, “You’re welcome.”

“This is not the place to talk, General, take the two of you into the emperor’s space, as for the sale, this is the end for today.” With those words, the black shadow suddenly disappeared into thin air.

The old dwarf nodded slowly, and after announcing that the auction was over for today, he led a few beautiful ladies and walked quickly towards Han Qianqian and the others.

“Distinguished guests, distinguished guests, please move and follow me.” The old gnome’s face was full of smiles, almost bubbling with enthusiasm.

Behind him, the few ladies also tried to make themselves smile the prettiest so as to present their best side in front of Han Qianqian.

Even though they knew that he had women, they didn’t care at all, after all, it was totally worth it to have a night of love with such a big shot.

But, to their dismay, Han Qianqian’s eyes never looked at them from the beginning to the end.

Led by the old gnome, the group walked through the entire hall and headed out towards the innermost room.

“Here in the underground black market, no matter if it’s a storm of blood and swords outside, or a mountain of bones, the auction will always be held every night as usual, and it’s almost decades since an auction like today’s was suddenly suspended.

The old gnome said slowly and leisurely as they made their way along.

When they pa*sed through the hall, several people arrived at a black door at the end side of the hall, and after the old gnome spoke some strange secret words to the door, as the door creaked open, the old gnome bent over respectfully, “Gentlemen, please come in.”

With a smile and a slight salute, Duke Ruyu made a gesture of invitation, gesturing for Han Qianqian to go first.

Han Qianqian responded with a smile and, without being polite, led Zhu Yan’er into the door first.

Even though Han Qianqian had seen many palaces and mansions, he could not help but be amazed once he entered the door.

It was like a golden house made of gold and carvings made of jade, full of pearls and treasures, simply luxurious to the extreme.

This room is extremely large, and there are three huge chairs of gold in the room, in the shape of a half reclining, graceful and luxurious, with a few blankets on top, just by looking at it from afar, you can tell that its price is definitely not expensive.

The emperor’s space, to be honest, even a real emperor may not have such an extravagant residence.

“Help the two VIPs to sit down on the jade qilin chairs.” The old dwarf instructed, and a few ladies hurried to Han Qianqian and Duke Ruyu’s side.

When it was Han Qianqian’s turn, Zhu Yan’er, seeing those ladies so close to Duke Ruyu, stiffly blocked those ladies and had to personally help Han Qianqian to sit on the chair herself.

And almost at the same time, at the very top of the space, the man of the fox and wolf also put on a new dress and slowly walked out.

“Since you have entered the empire, you are a guest of honour at the black market, you two, I wonder what you want to do here this time?”