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His Destined Path Chapter 3309

The gentleman smiled softly, “I am simply here to accompany you, brother Han, and have no other thoughts, so whatever you want is what I want.”

Even Han Qianqian could not help but admit that this Prince Ruyu’s words were indeed very pleasing to the eye.

“This distinguished guest is meeting for the first time, I think he is not from my Cailuo City.” The man of the fox and wolf laughed gently and looked towards Han Qianqian.

“But anyone who enters the emperor’s space can ask for what they want, whether it be exotic treasures or other unimaginable items, my master will do his best to satisfy.”

Han Qianqian nodded, and with a slight movement in his hand, his spatial ring opened, and in a flash, a small mountain of gold jewellery poured out directly.

“Excluding the ten million amethysts that filled the stuff just now, I believe that with just this batch of jewels there is still enough to have at least five million left, is there any doubt about this, Boss Blood?”

With a slight sweep of the jewels on the ground, the vampire smiled faintly, “This batch of jewels is enough for eighteen million, the VIPs are underestimating.”

“What does the VIP want, please ask.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Han Qianqian finished, swept a glance at Zhu Yan’er next to him and said, “I want someone who looks exactly like her.”

Hearing this, the vampire faintly froze, and his voice changed to a female voice all of a sudden. Han Qianqian looked down, but found that the blood ghost was now speaking, no longer with the wolf head at the top, but with the fox head in the centre: “What does the VIP mean by this?”

“I have a friend who looks exactly like her, and she should have been out in or near Cailuo City, so I wonder if you could provide some clues about her?”

The Blood Ghost smiled slightly, then with a slight movement in his hand, the pile of gold was pushed directly in front of Han Qianqian, smiled, and said, “In this world, destiny is all predestined, and since the VIP already has someone completely replaceable by his side, why bother looking for the previous person?”

“It’s like a sword, it’s a pity to lose it, but it’s inevitable that the sword in your hand has decayed over the years, so if you have a new one, why not?”

“Today’s ten items will be my gift to the guest of honour, General.”

“My old slave is here.”

“Serve the two distinguished guests, and I will pay for today’s purchases.”

“Yes, Master.”

With those words, the vampire rose gently and was about to leave.

“If you’re used to using a sword, you’ll naturally have calluses on your hands, so how can you hold a new sword smoothly?” Han Qianqian rose slightly and looked at the Blood Ghost with some anxiety.

“It is good to have a deep love for the old sword, but sometimes it is often too emotional, instead …… hehe.” Shaking his head, his figure suddenly disappeared.

Han Qianqian and others looked at each other, and Duke Ruyu also stood up at this time, looking at the old dwarf, “Old senior, within the emperor space, there has always been a rule is that guests make requests, and the black market will never refuse, today, what is the meaning?”

The old gnome shook his head, “In theory, this is true, but there are exceptions to everything. Since my master is unwilling to take orders, according to my old slave, it would be better for you to put this matter to rest.”

The black market’s signboard had been ringing for many years, so naturally, the owner of the house would not refuse unless he had to.

Conversely, if the owner of the house chose to refuse, it would also in some ways sit down the high level of difficulty of this matter.

For this, Duke Ruyu naturally understood, and could only look at Han Qianqian and say, “If Brother Han does not mind, Mister Ning does have some attendants at his disposal.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that even the Blood Ghost couldn’t help you.” Zhu Yan’er also felt quite sorry.

Han Qianqian’s face was slightly stony, not saying a word, not knowing what he was thinking about.

A moment later, he suddenly looked at the old dwarf and smiled, “Since I took out the money, there is no reason to take it back, can you let me see your master alone again?”

“Distinguished guest, this ……” the old gnome was extremely embarra*sed.

The master’s words have always been said, and since he is not taking orders, it would be uninteresting to disturb in more.

“Don’t worry, I just want to buy one thing, absolutely not half related to what I was going to ask just now.”

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the old gnome glanced at Ning Ruyu, and seeing him nod, sighed, “I’ll go ask the master.”

With those words, the old dwarf walked towards the distance and disappeared afterwards.

A moment later, the old dwarf reappeared and looked at Han Qianqian, who nodded, “Please follow me over, the master has agreed.”

Han Qianqian nodded and walked over towards the other side, leaving Ning Ruyu and Zhu Yan’er dazed in their place, wondering what Han Qianqian was actually buying.