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His Destined Path Chapter 3311

As soon as she entered the house, the dazed Zhu Yan’er only felt Han Qianqian push her straight down on the bed, and his body pressed heavily against her own, while roughly and excitingly tearing her clothes frantically ……

In less than ten minutes, a black figure in the city lord’s residence also quickly climbed over the city wall, and under the concealment of the night, quickly groped towards the other court where Han Qianqian lived.

A few minutes later, a servant carrying a bowl of something that smelt of medicine slowly pa*sed through the corridor and made his way towards the west wing.

The door to the room opened quickly and the servant went straight in like a bolt of electricity.

After that, the quietness of the room was restored.

But at that moment, the dark figure suddenly appeared from somewhere, followed by a quick rush to the door.

Instead, he crouched at the door for a long time, until a few more black shadows arrived around him, and then he pushed the door and went straight in.

But almost at the same time, several black shadows from outside the room also rushed into the room, followed by several more muffled sounds, and this time the whole room really fell into complete peace.

In the room, as the three black shadows stood up at the same time, all three took the masks off their faces and then looked at each other with a smile.

On the ground beside them, four black shadows also fell to the ground motionless.

“It was really hard for Master Lu.”

Looking at one of the black shadows on the ground, the person who took the lead in pulling off the mask smiled softly, and this person was no other than Han Qianqian.

The other two also smiled and pulled down their masks, and when they looked back, they were Duke Ru Yu and Pig San.

Han Qianqian did not say anything more, but got up and walked to the picture that was strange at first. After fumbling with it for a while, with a slight movement in his hand, the painting in front of him suddenly moved slightly, although the room was silent.

The painting turned to one side of the wall, leaving a gap about a man’s width, and with the help of the gap, a faint light could be seen coming from inside.

There was indeed a problem.

Han Qianqian and Prince Ning Yu looked at each other and went straight into the gap, one after the other.

Inside was a long, deep pathway, and although the light was faint, it was better than having flat footing, so although it was somewhat fumbling forward in the dark, the three of them were quite smooth.

“What a strong smell of medicine.” Ning Ruyu faintly covered her nose with her hand, frowning a little for a moment.

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything as they made their way deeper towards the inside. A few moments later, the three reached the end of the corridor, where a small half-open door blocked the light and also prevented the trio from moving forward.

A few servants came and went in the room, but all of them were silent and seemed extremely quiet.

After turning around and nodding to Prince Ruyu, Pig San chose to stay where he was, while Han Qianqian and Prince Ruyu pulled on their veils and kicked open the small door and rushed in.

As they rushed in, the few servants who had been silent immediately turned pale with fear and leaned against the wall, staring at the two men in fear.

Duke Ruyu raised his head and gestured for Han Qianqian to look towards the southeast.

There, parked on a large bed with a soft silk cloth, several other servants were also crouching in fear.

Without thinking about it, Han Qianqian rushed to the bed with a few steps, then pulled back the curtain and froze in place.

What was lying in the bed was not the imaginary Xia Wei, but was empty, nothing at all.

Could it be that he had made a mistake?

But just as Han Qianqian was confused, he suddenly frowned and followed the strong smell of medicine, only to find half a bowl of medicinal soup sitting on top of the small cabinet next to the bed.

Han Qianqian did not say a word, and directly grabbed the neck of the man next to the bowl of medicine and lifted him up. Although Han Qianqian did not say anything, the servant was already frightened and panicked, and his hands and feet were dancing and staring, not knowing what he had pressed.

At this time, the bed suddenly came a small strange sound, when Han Qianqian back to look, can not help but is the pupils opened wide ……