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His Destined Path Chapter 3310

By the time Han Qianqian came out again, a full half hour had pa*sed.

Zhu Yan’er and Ning Ruyu’s group had been quite patient and had waited in the same place.

When they saw Han Qianqian come back under the leadership of the old dwarf, they hurriedly got up.

Han Qianqian smiled: “The item was still bought, so the sign that the Black Market has a request to answer is still in the way. Brother Ning, thanks for your help this evening, can we do anything else in the evening? If there is nothing, how about having a drink together?”

“Naturally, I have many things to do, but if I were to compare it to brother Han’s drinking, it would be a mere chore, so it doesn’t matter whether I do it or not, I will drink with brother Han today.” Mr. Ruyu said with a soft smile.

Han Qianqian smiled, “Good, don’t return until you’re drunk.”

“Mister Ning will give up his life to accompany the gentleman.”

The two smiled at each other, and then the old dwarf nodded at the few ladies next to him.

Within a few moments, the rabbit girl from earlier was dressed including nine items in a box and brought up by the ladies.

It was said that the rabbit girl was the most miserable person, but now it seemed that the girls envied the rabbit girl, at least she had the opportunity to work with such a superb man, even if she was just a servant, that was something to be happy about.

After putting the nine items directly into the spatial ring, and then taking the rabbit girl with them, led by the old gnome, the group quickly went out of the emperor’s space and left the black market directly through the side door.

The group of people talked and laughed all the way through and re-entered the night market, Han Qianqian randomly chose a roadside restaurant, then directly ordered wine and food.

“All sit down and drink.”

After sweeping a glance at the rabbit girl and glancing at Master Lu and Pig San, Han Qianqian smiled and said.

The rabbit girl was a bit trembling, but with a look from Pig San, she was scared and sat down against Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian smiled and switched places with the rabbit girl so that the left hand side was Zhu Yan’er and the right hand side was the rabbit girl, quite like being in a flower bush, embracing the right and left.

The wine came and so did the food.

Han Qianqian raised his gla*s and invited the group of people to drink at once.

With Han Qianqian close to her, Zhu Yan’er, who was still upset with the rabbit girl, was in a much better mood, and as Han Qianqian brought up the topic, the more we talked, the happier we were, and the happier we were, the more we drank.

The more they drank, the happier they became and the more they drank, the happier they became. After they had already drunk a lot, they were all drunk and Zhu Yan’er recounted some interesting stories she knew.

There was no one there but Han Qianqian, so she was slightly startled and then reflected with joy.

Although she was still recounting the anecdotes, her mind had already flown elsewhere and her eyes were occasionally glancing at Han Qianqian’s side.

Han Qianqian was obviously a little dizzy, so he thought that the wine he had drunk earlier and the wine he had just consumed must have taken effect.

The first thing that happened to her was that she was so happy that she followed Han Qianqian’s arm around herself and leaned slightly on her body, leaning halfway into Han Qianqian’s arms.

Seeing this scene, Prince Ruyu and the others also looked at each other and smiled, but did not say much.

It was not until the night was late and the wine had pa*sed for a few more days that Han Qianqian suddenly came up to Zhu Yan’er’s ear and whispered, “Are you tired? Shall I accompany you back to the house to rest?”

Zhu Yan’er was stunned, his heart was pleased, but on the surface he kept his reserve: “Do you want to ……”

Han Qianqian nodded his head.

Zhu Yan’er blushed and lowered her head, although she did not reply, her intention was already clear.

Ning Ruyu smiled gently and patted the shoulder of Master Lu who was talking happily: “Settle the wine money and then ask for a few upper rooms.”

“I …… am only halfway through my speech.” Master Lu said glumly.

“A moment of spring is worth a thousand gold.” The words fell, Ning Ruyu gestured for Master Lu to look down at the two Han Qianqian in front of him, and Master Lu smiled heatedly, “Understood, I’ll go and settle.”

Within a few moments, several upper rooms were ready, and Han Qianqian walked into one of them with Zhu Yan’er on his arm, followed by ……