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His Destined Path Chapter 3313

Han Qianqian took a few steps to the iron box and looked at the recess in the bed, then, looking over at Duke Ruyu who had approached him, he said softly, “Can your energy probe in?”

Duke Ruyu nodded and said with some disappointment, “Naturally there is no problem, do you want me to use my energy to help the person in the box?”

“But that would be pointless, even if the person inside could exert force, it would definitely have the same effect.”

“I’m not asking you to help me use energy to help the person in the box, but …… need you to help me cut a slit in the person inside.” Han Qianqian said with a straight face.

Hearing these words, Ruyu Gongzi simply froze in place on the spot, what kind of operation is this?

The actual fact is that you can’t save people, how can you hurt people? “Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure.”

“This is a matter of whether we can kill our way out, I hope you trust me.”

Duke Ruyu hesitated slightly, but seeing Han Qianqian’s serious and earnest expression, he finally nodded, “Okay, I’ll help you.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a piece of energy in the hand of Prince Ruyu once again moved and punched directly into the tube along the concave area, after which Han Qianqian instructed him to move the tube to the wound.

Next, in the eyes of Prince Ruyu, Han Qianqian’s behaviour was a little strange.

Blood instantly flowed out of the tube, and Han Qianqian took out the few remaining ingredients, wrapped them up, and quickly stuffed them into his mouth without a second thought.

At the same time, the jade sword in his hand slit his own arm and let the blood drip towards the edge of the metal box.

If he had not been in contact with Han Qianqian for a long time, Prince Ruyu would have thought that Han Qianqian was a monster, sucking and bleeding at the same time, not knowing what kind of operation he was doing.

But only Han Qianqian himself knew what he was doing at this moment.

His own poisoned blood had once corrupted the Fu family’s heavenly prison, so he could naturally try the same with this iron box today.

As for sucking blood, if it was Xia Wei inside, her blood would allow him to suppress the seal of the earth, and even if there were pursuers coming after him, Han Qianqian would still be able to kill his way out.

It was strange, but the method was the only one worth fighting for.

Moreover, this had the advantage that even if the box could not be opened, it was still possible to identify if it was Xia Wei.

As the blood entered his throat, Han Qianqian was suddenly delighted.

He could clearly feel a gush of warmth slowly flowing through his body.

It was Xia Wei!

Han Qianqian’s eyes fiercely swept over with a hint of great surprise and joy, followed by his hands also squeezing the wound with direct force, allowing more blood to drip down on top of the iron box.

“I may need to sleep for a while later, so look after the box for me, and if there’s someone outside, let him help cover it.” Han Qianqian finished speaking, and then simply walked to the wall to the side to lie down by himself.

Every time after absorbing Xia Wei’s blood, Han Qianqian would fall into a short coma, something he was already used to.

But to Lord Ruyu, this was a bit f*cking outrageous.

The enemy was at hand, so this was not a game!

However, luckily for Ning Ruyu, he was calm enough, and although he was quite puzzled, he still shouted towards Pig San to block it, while he himself quietly observed the iron box.

What surprised Ning Ruyu soon happened.

Those places where the blood and the iron box came into contact with, at this time began to suddenly emit bursts of black smoke, the iron skin also began in melting and bubbling, and gradually began to step across.

“This ……” Ruyu Gongzi simply stared in disbelief.

Is a god man so godly that he’s this f*cking outrageous?

This is f*cking ridiculous, getting a little blood can make this box look like this? If a bone had leaked out of it, it would have flown into the sky!

He was dumbfounded, and so were the servants around him.

After all, they all knew how sturdy the chest was, which meant that none of them could say anything, or else the room would probably have been filled with sighs of relief.

However, the speed of the blood melt was limited, while at this moment there was already a burst of footsteps coming from the aisle outside the small door, and Pig San was also at this moment manipulating his D**k and obviously fighting with the other side.

In spite of the fact that, thanks to the terrain, Pig San was able to fight with one hand, it was clear that the guards in the city lord’s mansion were by no means fooled, and in just a few moments, with a cry of pain from Pig San, he was knocked straight through the small door with his body.

A large number of guards immediately rushed in through the small door, while at that moment Prince Ruyu looked at Han Qianqian in the corner, but he had closed his eyes and really fell asleep.

And just then, a bigger crisis followed ……