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His Destined Path Chapter 3314

When Ning Ruyu felt four extremely strong auras pressing in, the small door was opened again and four figures slowly walked in.

Even a future star like Ning Ruyu couldn’t help but raise her heart to her throat when she saw these four people.

“Black Mountain Demon Princess, White-Faced Rain Demon, Phoenix Rooster Old Immortal, and Big Foot Venerable!?”

Ning Ruyu let out a faint gasp of amazement and could not help but turn pale.

Although she had heard that many experts had joined the city after it had grown in power, the rumours were only rumours after all, and seeing a super expert like the Black Mountain Demon Princess was already shocking enough at first.

But who would have thought that Zhu Yan Shuo would not only have an expert like Black Mountain Demon Princess, but also four of them at once?

The White-faced Rain Demon, the Phoenix Rooster Old Immortal and the Big Foot Venerable, all of them were existences whose fame and strength were definitely no less than that of the Black Mountain Demon Princess, each of them could shake a side, and were truly big brother-level figures.

It was no wonder that even his own personal bodyguard, Pig San, was completely defeated after only a small blocking moment despite the superiority of the terrain.

“How dare you, how dare you break into the City Lord’s residence at night, what, do you think you’ve lived too long?” The black mountain demon girl’s face was like ice, looking at the masked Ruyu Gongzi and said in a cold voice.

“Choose a way to die, whether you want to die with your face intact, or with your body and head separated, we can satisfy you.” The white-faced rain demon was as his name suggests, a face as white as if it had been plastered with flour, terribly white.

Although the Old Immortal Phoenix Rooster was an old man, dressed in white clothes and white hair, he looked amiable, but the sharp cold light in his eyes was a constant indication to all that this man was sinister in the extreme.

As for the Big Foot, he was the only one among the four who looked normal and was peace-oriented, but his terrifyingly large left foot was already daunting to look at.

Ning Ruyu knew clearly that with his own strength, he was not strong enough to fight these four men, and Zhu Yan Shuo had laid such a heavy siege in the city lord’s mansion, so it seemed that he had really put down his blood money.

“I didn’t think I’d be quite lucky to actually face four top experts at once.” Duke Ruyu smiled gently, “It’s quite a dignified death.”

“However, as the saying goes, this rabbit has to stare at its legs twice when it dies, and as a human being, I would naturally like to learn a lesson.”

With these words, a golden fan appeared in the hand of Duke Ruyu, and in the next second, he rushed towards the four people directly.

In the face of this swift attack by Duke Ruyu, the four of them merely looked at each other and smiled coldly.

“Let me teach your little boy what death really is.” As soon as the Old Immortal Phoenix Rooster’s words fell, his aged body was like a disembodied rabbit in an instant.

Before Duke Ruyu could even understand what was going on, the figure of the Old Immortal Phoenix Chicken suddenly and strangely appeared beside him, and was actually flying in the same direction as him.

“What kind of speed is this?”

But the moment he was surprised, suddenly, there was another blur before his eyes, and the Phoenix Chicken Old Immortal had already attacked him with a palm straight from the opposite side.


But as soon as they came into contact, Duke Ruyu felt a tremendous amount of force hit him, and his whole body fell back several metres, finally smashing heavily against the wall, spraying blood.

The old immortal smiled gently, his body was as if he had never moved before: “Little boy, you can’t do it, you’re not as quick as an old man like me.”

The white faced rain devil suddenly pushed his hand in the air, and the several meters away Duke Ruyu instantly smashed heavily against the wall again, the white faced rain devil smiled grimly: “No tutelage, did we let you move at will?”

“Moving is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a good idea to stretch your muscles and blood.” On the side, Venerable Bigfoot smiled gently, followed by a slight lift of his left foot, then a stomp towards the ground.


The ground trembled, and Duke Ruyu’s entire body flew straight away, bouncing several metres from the ground into the air and hitting the roof before smashing heavily back into the ground.

Blood continued to seep out of his mouth as if he didn’t need it.

But at that moment, a voice suddenly came out, “Four old men bullying a young man, I don’t know where you got the bullsh*t courage to laugh ……”