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His Destined Path Chapter 3319

Only to see almost all three subconsciously not only not advancing, but each taking three steps backwards.

This was a top super expert, and three at once!

It was always the case that only others would run backwards when they saw them, but when did they ever get to run backwards when they saw others?

I’m afraid no one would believe it if I told them.

So, the elites were dumbfounded, and so was the White-Faced Jade Demon, but no matter how dumbfounded they were or who was dumbfounded, they all moved in a surprisingly consistent manner, backing up.

Although the white-faced Jade Demon was sitting on the ground, he was still twisting his buttocks and rubbing his legs backwards.

Seeing this, Han Qianqian smiled gently, knowing that he had successfully shocked everyone present with his tiger-like action.

The only way to win against a large number of people is to make the one with more people feel afraid.

Whether it’s wheel-to-wheel combat or something else, it’s always the lesser side that loses out.

If one’s heart is united, one is brave and fierce, but if one’s heart is not united, one is in chaos like a pot of porridge, like scattered sand, and this is the face of a defeated army.

This was Han Qianqian’s only choice, but this did not mean that Han Qianqian would let down his guard, the four experts, the thin camel is bigger than the horse, moreover, this was the city lord’s residence, it was their territory.

This alone would naturally not scare them.

Unless ……

Han Qianqian smiled coldly, “Then if you don’t come over, I can come over.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian lifted his axe and directly charged forward.


The axe was empty, but when the huge and sharp axe blade landed on the ground, there was still a loud sound, and a half-metre-deep gully was cut into the floor.

Although empty, but the black mountain demon girl and other people are scared is dumbfounded, what the hell this axe, so fierce, this solid ground is even so, if this touches the human body, it will not be on the spot into two pieces?

The three of them were so upset at the thought that they did not dare to go forward at will, and could only fight and retreat.

At the same time, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel transformed into two light swords, attacking left and right, and even ignoring the Black Mountain Demon Princess and the Phoenix Chicken Old Immortal, only hitting the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot Venerable’s heart was bitter, what’s this f*cking grudge, why does he have to beat me up alone?

However, this guy is really quite capable, and between fighting and retreating, his left big foot lifted and stomped at times, the originally huge hard ground under his foot stomping was like the surface of the sea waves, undulating, one wave after another towards Han Qianqian.

As the two sides fought fiercely, Black Mountain Demon Princess and Phoenix Rooster Old Immortal looked at each other, and although they soon leaned towards Han Qianqian, they did not dare to make a move when they saw how fierce Han Qianqian’s attack was, especially Black Mountain Demon Princess.

She could now almost confirm that this was the Han Qianqian she had faced in the morning, after all, how many people could be found who could fight the four of them back and forth? How could she not be afraid when Han Qianqian could have withstood at least 70% of her own attack without striking in the morning?

It was because she knew Han Qianqian the best that she dared not act recklessly at such a time. The two of them were just grinding at each other, and I was looking at you, fearing that if this sneak attack caused Han Qianqian’s anger to shift and he would attack hard towards himself.

He just wanted to catch his breath while he was at it. As for the three old guys who were attacked, well, f*ck it, let them suffer on their own.

If they hadn’t been so f*cking clever, they would have died under that huge axe.

With these three ghosts with different intentions, although Venerable Bigfoot tried his best to resist, he was faced with Han Qianqian who was also terribly cultivated, and after only a few dozen rounds, he suddenly lifted his big foot: “Wait …… wait a minute, I …… have something to say ……”