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Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 2673

“You haven’t practiced this Baji boxing well, and this qualification doesn’t work either.”

A slight mockery hung on Lin Mo’s face.

Of course it wasn’t that he had a bad mouth, it would just be his way of dealing with others, when he fought with the Crown Prince, he was very bad-mouthed.

Of course all in all this man’s skills were indeed extraordinary, but in terms of the Eight Extremes Fist, it had almost been pushed to the limit by him.

It was just that the opponent had been lightly defeated at the beginning, and with Lin Mo’s taunting, the whole battle, this Wen Qiang had been in a state of great confusion, and his strength had been directly folded by thirty percent.

His face instantly turned red, as he had completely crushed his brothers and sisters in the same discipline with his Eight Extremes Fist attainments, but now he was ridiculed by Lin Mo.

He was furious!

As his anger flared up, his body functions were stimulated to the extreme and he was like a desperate man, his Eight Extremes Fists were wildly outputted.

On the other hand, Lin Mo was still standing with one hand, relaxed and at ease.

When you come out to play, you always have to return the favour.

After hundreds of rounds, he was already drenched in sweat, but he could not help Lin Mo at all.

“That’s not how punches are thrown!”

Lin Mo scoffed and took advantage of his opponent’s gap in attacking to bow forward.

The opponent’s mind was already in turmoil, so it was time to strike, the Eight Extremes Fist Top Heart Elbow!

Wen Qiang’s face changed as he retracted his arms and held them against his chest to resist.

A crack of bone was heard as Wen Qiang was sent flying again, this time in even greater distress, smashing a crater into the wall of the conference room before he stopped his backward flight.

“You’re too weak!”

Lin Mo clapped his hands together and smiled contemptuously as he turned around and sat straight back down.

“Crown Prince, you’re no good, being beaten like this by this kind of goods, what a disgrace to me.”

The prince rolled his white eyes and spat darkly.

“Is that a human thing you’re saying? It’s obvious that you’re too strong, okay? I don’t know how you cultivate, your strength increases like a rocket.”

After standing firm, Wen Qiang was shocked and angry, he had fallen into Lin Mo’s path, if his anger had not affected his mind, he would not have been in such a mess.

“What are you doing frozen, still hurry to see if Brother Wen Qiang is alright.”

Ding Li scolded with a black face.

Originally, he had brought his best friend here because he wanted to teach Lin Mo a lesson, to squash his anger before bringing up the Ding family to make him give in and apologise and hand over the murderer Prince.

Now, instead of teaching Lin Mo a lesson, he had even been defeated.

With the help of his men, the injured Wen Qiang gave Lin Mo a reluctant glance before he left the venue to treat his injuries.

On the other side, although Guan Yao’s face was calm as he watched the battle, Lin Mo’s strength was really amazing to him.

Is this Lin Mo the lost grandson of Master Zhao?

Thinking of this, Guan Yao couldn’t help but turn his gaze to his daughter and secretly sighed, eh, can’t compare!

Guan Linglong was also bewildered.

What is the meaning of the disappointment in your eyes just now?

As the crowd was thinking differently.

If his eyes could kill, Lin Mo would have been scraped.

“Lin Mo you have so much guts!

First you connive at your own men to destroy my Ding family’s docks, and now you hurt my best friend, do you think I, Ding Li, don’t exist?”

As soon as the rebuke fell, the crowd behind him instantly rose to their feet.

What big scene had the prince not seen before, and he disliked him directly in return.

“It’s your own docks that are harbouring the Kong a*sa*sins, and you’re still pointing a f*cking gun at me.

You can’t live with your own sins, the Kong’s are looking for their own death, no one else is to blame.”

“Besides, your friend, since you are not as good as others, you should be honest, you must jump out and be the one to stand out.

People should admit when they are short and stand firm when they are beaten, look at me when I am injured, have I beaten my mouth?”

His implication was to say that since Wen Qiang was not strong enough, you Ding Li should not give me sh*t here.

With that, the prince took out his nostrils and gave a disdainful glance at his opponent’s men.

“If you can’t beat them in a group, should you go home and call your parents?”

The prince had never been a coward in disliking people!