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His Destined Path Chapter 3321

“What the f*ck is this?”

“f*ck! What the f*ck is this?”

In the midst of Bigfoot Venerable and White-Faced Jade Demon cursing and secretly rejoicing, there was not one Han Qianqian in the field at this moment, but a whole eight.

“It’s not certain who is bullying the lesser.” Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

The Old Immortal almost didn’t slow down his blood, he had thought that there were two against one, but in the blink of an eye, he was beaten by eight against two.

But at the time when the Old Immortal was in shock and anger, the eight Han Qianqian were already rushing over in a hurry.

“Do you think I will be afraid of you? It’s just seven phantom plucks, not a single blow to be dealt!”

Faced with Han Qianqian’s eight attacks, Phoenix Rooster Old Immortal had no choice, after shouting angrily to cheer himself up, his body also fiercely transformed into several streaks of shadow, almost at a faster speed to directly blast towards Han Qianqian.

The Black Mountain Demon Princess attacked from behind, her black Qi surging in her hands, but when she saw the Phoenix Chicken Old Immortal attacking so fiercely, she couldn’t help but shout, “Be careful, his defence is extremely invincible.”

But even though Black Mountain Demon Princess shouted, the Phoenix Chicken Old Immortal was too late to change his attack.

As the two of them exchanged blows for the first time, the Phoenix Chicken Old Immortal was instantly shocked, and the ferocious attack in his hand hit this Han Qianqian in front of him solidly.

He was almost certain that he had hit his true form, but the result was exactly what he had expected. Not only was Han Qianqian not knocked back in the slightest, but he was as motionless as a tarzan, and what was even more terrifying was that he seemed to be unaffected in the slightest as he brought his huge axe down with a blast.

The old immortal, who was not expecting this, hastily withdrew his body, and although he dodged the attack of the axe, he was still directly hit by the heavenly fire moon wheel that arrived from the left and right, and his body was suddenly burning with strange fire and purple lightning, and he was grimacing in pain.

The Black Mountain Demon Girl behind her knew that she had no choice but to warn Han Qianqian, so she aimed a black energy strike directly at him.

When it was about to hit Han Qianqian’s back, Han Qianqian suddenly turned around, and with a sudden movement in his hands, he directly activated his Phantomless Divine Energy, turning away Black Mountain Demon Girl’s attack with his backhand, and then slapping the duplicate black energy directly over.

Although Black Mountain Demon Princess hastily dodged, she was also scandalized by Han Qianqian’s extremely bizarre attack and looked at Han Qianqian with a shocked expression.

However, at this moment, Han Qianqian did not pause at all, his body suddenly reunited into a single figure, and then his body fiercely transformed into a black and gold light and rushed towards the Phoenix Rooster Old Immortal.

In the black and gold light, the sound of a dragon roared and the shadow of a dragon soared.


The dragon’s shadow opened its mouth wide, oppressing the world with a direct surprise attack.


Even though Old Immortal Phoenix Chicken hastily set up his defences and his black qi transformed into a black phoenix, it was only a moment before the black dragon directly broke through!

With a mouthful of blood spurting out, Old Immortal Phoenix Chicken’s body retreated several steps, and as he barely managed to stabilize himself, his legs couldn’t help but feel weak.

“How strong.”

Even though he was so arrogant, when he looked at Han Qianqian in front of him, he could not help but feel a sense of fear rising in his heart.

This was simply like a demon that had walked out of hell, it was too terrifying.


At almost the same time, behind him, Black Mountain Demon Girl’s attack also came swiftly.

For Han Qianqian at this moment, she was almost within reach, and there was no way to retreat.

Everyone was waiting to see how Han Qianqian would respond, whether it was from the three experts or from Prince Ruyu.

Theoretically, there was no other way he could have defused the attack.

“Is he going to do what he did at the match today? Hard carry?” Duke Ruyu muttered.

He had the ability to do so, after all, he had indeed blocked the fierce strike of the Black Mountain Demon Princess before, if he could do it then, he could naturally do it this time.

But only Han Qianqian himself knew that the same move against the same person, and if the other party was a super expert, it would almost never work again.

Since she could put aside her scruples and attack directly, she must be prepared to fight with all her might.

Moreover, even if Han Qianqian could carry it, he had no intention to do so, because obviously, Han Qianqian had his own calculations.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian not only did not hide or dodge, but instead at this time his eyes suddenly turned bloodthirsty and terrifying ……