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His Destined Path Chapter 3322

Simply to resist, to ask the opponent to give up and admit defeat is tantamount to a pipe dream.

As I said earlier, if you want them to concede defeat, then you have to make them feel afraid.

Now facing a two-man pincer attack was actually the only way to cause the greatest shock to their minds.

Therefore, Han Qianqian’s choice was that defence was secondary, and defence to attack was what he had to do.

Of course, the risk in between was extremely high, but in order to win with less, throughout the ages, it was never just luck alone; timing, location, and human harmony were all missing.

The harmony of people, naturally, is the opponent’s heart is not in harmony, while the location, naturally, is at this time he found Xia Wei, get the blood of the phoenix to complete the suppression of the seal of the earth, as for the heavenly time ……

The time is now!

Suddenly, just when everyone saw that Black Mountain Demon Ji was just a few centimeters away from Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian’s originally solidified form suddenly began to vanish under the powerful attack of Black Mountain Demon Ji.

“Phantom …… No, it’s a residual shadow!”

Phantom shadows are illusory, and residual shadows can only seem real but more illusory, but the Han Qianqian in front of him belonged to the latter.

“So fast.”

“sh*t, even Fengji Old Immortal, who is known as Ghost Foot, is definitely inferior in front of him, I’m afraid?”

“Is this something that a human being can do?”

The two experts were stunned, in a*sociation with Pig San and Duke Ru Yu who were lying on the ground.

If it was said that the two of them had not seen Han Qianqian fight at the tournament earlier, it was still a kind of regret, or they were somewhat unconvinced that their own son and himself had just admitted defeat.

Now, they were both convinced.

With such speed, even if they tried their best, they would never be able to resist.


Almost at the same time, Han Qianqian’s real body appeared within a fraction of a second of Black Mountain Demon Girl’s side, and while he bent his body to the limit to avoid it, his finger was already bitten in his mouth.

A drop of blood flowed out, and Han Qianqian directly wrapped his true energy around it and slapped it towards the demon girl.

The drop of blood was too small and fast, plus Han Qianqian’s extreme operation was almost not more than a minute, not less than a centimeter, the distance between the two could be said to be short again.

Even though Black Mountain Demon Princess had already discovered what Han Qianqian was hitting at her, she hurriedly poured some of her energy into her body for protection, but as her punch was empty, when she tried to move again, her knees, which had been hit by Han Qianqian’s strange little dot, suddenly stopped working and she directly half-kneeled down.

“Demon Girl.”

Seeing that Demon Girl was half-kneeling beside her, Old Phoenix Rooster shouted in a great hurry.

She felt as if her knee had been punched through, and the pain was so intense that it was in her bones.

When she looked between her eyes, she saw a black liquid slowly flowing out from the crevice between her fingers.

At some point, there was actually a deep bloody eye at her knee, and at the same time, it was still going deeper, and if she hadn’t hurriedly worked her luck inside her to resist it, I’m afraid that in a few moments, it would have been pierced right through.

“Still fighting?” Han Qianqian faintly gathered herself and smiled gently, looking at the four experts sitting around on the ground.

The white-faced Jade Demon was at the far end, the Bigfoot Venerable was at the other wall, and the Phoenix Chicken Old Immortal and the Black Mountain Demon Princess who were fighting in a group hug were one half-kneeling, the other lying there, along with the nails of half a broken hand.

But in any case, all four had almost synchronised expressions; shock, shock, or shock.

If there was any other emotion, I’m afraid, it was fear!

If they had said that before, they would have disdained Han Qianqian’s words, but now, they felt more and more terrified, like a god of death was smiling at them, or a god of death was scorning them.

There were many people on the scene, but at this moment it was surprisingly quiet, no one dared to say a word, not even a word.

Seeing that no one responded, Han Qianqian took a few steps towards the iron box on the bed.

At that moment, the Black Mountain Demon Princess suddenly spoke up: “Even if you beat us, what can you do? That iron box is incredibly hard and made of special materials, if you want to open it, you are just dreaming.”

“Is that so?” Han Qianqian stopped and smiled faintly, then, lifting his feet, he walked over.