His Destined Path Chapter 3332

“What do you have to say, Boss Han?” Pig San hurriedly asked.

Obviously, from Han Qianqian’s eyes, Pig San read Han Qianqian’s intentions.

Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously, “An opinion? I think what Emotion Ji said is correct, this matter needs to be discussed in the long run, however, it is only half right. There is no need to discuss it, let’s take the long view.”

With those words, Han Qianqian looked at Xia Wei.

“What do you mean by that?” Pig San rubbed his head, not quite understanding.

Ning Ruyu suddenly remembered an extremely frightening possibility and hurriedly said, “Brother Han, I know that this Zhu Yanshuo is really doing something too unethical, but after all, he has the hearts of the people and there are many experts, you …… must not be impulsive.”

“Your so-called non-negotiable must be that you intend to go alone by yourself, right?”

At these words, the crowd was greatly alarmed.

With the other side in complete disarray, they had barely managed to kill their way out by relying on so many disciples from the Heavenly Demon Palace and the Hundred Demon Hall, so if they were to wait for the enemy to stabilise their position before going back, it would be almost no different from throwing themselves into the net.

Moreover, it was still one person.

Wouldn’t that be seeking death?

Han Qianqian, however, smiled and did not deny it, “Duke Ruyu is indeed clever.”

“The Ning family has a base, and offending others openly and honestly is bound to be not a good thing… Brother Ning was able to sacrifice his life in the night to accompany Han Sanchi on his nightly visit to the city lord’s residence, so Han Sanchi is already grateful, and naturally, what comes next cannot drag Brother Ning and the entire Ning family into trouble.”

“As for the brothers from the Hundred Demon Hall and the Heavenly Demon Palace, they have also fought bloodily this night and are exceptionally tired, so why would they need to give away their lives again when they could easily pick up a life? As you have said, with the other side completely dominant, any more of us would just be giving away our heads.”

“In that case, I will go alone and turn the world upside down.”

“However, don’t worry, Han Qianqian is by no means reckless or righteous, I naturally have my plans and preparations before I set off.”

Han Qianqian’s eyes looked squarely at Xia Wei, “But this, I need you to help me, Xia Wei.”

“Of course, I also need to trouble you all to help me with some logistics.”

Xia Wei gritted her teeth, “Not to mention saving Brother Pierce and the others, even if it’s what you want to do yourself, Brother Three Thousand, Xia Wei will never say even a word even if she suffers a lot.”

“We are also at your disposal.” Ning Ruyu and Pig San also said in the same voice.

The north of the country was in a hurry, looking at the love girl and wanting to turn around, how could it be possible to ask Han Qianqian to go alone and risk his life?

If it was possible, even if all the brothers of the Heavenly Demon Palace and the Hundred Flowers Hall were sacrificed, so what? Han Qianqian was the only and greatest hope of their group.

But to the Devil’s North’s surprise, Emotional Girl shook her head at him, advising him not to worry about it.

Immediately afterwards, she led the reluctant Devil Beitian in a slight obeisance and said in unison, “We are all at your command as well.”

“Good, thank you all.” Han Qianqian nodded and beckoned for a few people to sit around him, followed by telling them all about some of the things he needed them to do.

When the group of people heard Han Qianqian’s instructions, they couldn’t help but all frown, and if they weren’t so close to hear so clearly, a few people really doubted if their ears had heard wrong.

“This is it?”

Several people spoke in unison almost simultaneously, looking at Han Qianqian as if they had seen a ghost.

This was too outrageous, right?

However, Han Qianqian smiled confidently and nodded, “That’s right, that’s all, is that alright with the few of you?”

A few people looked at each other and were in tears, “Are you really sure?”

Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, “Very sure. We don’t have much time, so why don’t you all go ahead? I will wait for you here.”

With these words, Han Qianqian looked at them with a smile.

They were very depressed and at a loss as to what to believe in such an “unreasonable” request, but seeing Han Qianqian’s unbelievable seriousness, the group could only leave the door honestly.

Xia Wei looked at Han Qianqian strangely, “Brother Qianqian, what you want them to do is too strange, isn’t it?”

“You, take a good rest, it’s getting late, get some sleep while I watch.” Han Qianqian laughed lightly.

Xia Wei thought for a moment, nodded obediently and closed her eyes.

In the blink of an eye, a night pa*sed.

At this time, in the city of Cailuo, soldiers and horses were on the move, a large number of soldiers and some elite Jianghu people who looked like they were not to be trifled with, patrolling the city closely over and over again.

The entire city of Cailuo is like a great enemy, and in the residence of the city lord, with a boom, the contents of a table were all pushed to the ground by Zhu Yan Shuo, who was angry and gnashing his teeth ……

And at the bottom of the table, a woman was crying in pain ……