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His Destined Path Chapter 3333

“How outrageous, how outrageous!” Zhu Yanshuo thundered, his entire body trembling slightly from anger.

After the incident, he immediately cordoned off the whole place, while worrying about his sister’s safety, he quickly sent someone to fetch his sister Zhu Yan’er who was in the inn.

It was true that Han Qianqian was not in the room.

The most crucial thing was that the soldiers found an extra set of men’s clothes in the room during the subsequent search, and that set of clothes was the same clothes he had sent to Han Qianqian.

Now, combined with some of the words from his sister’s mouth, Zhu Yan Shuo found that last night’s Han Qianqian and the others were missing the presence of one person compared to today.

The rabbit girl who had been brought out in the underground black market.

“Didn’t Na Si ask for one thing alone with the Blood Ghost once behind your back? I know what he asked for.” Zhu Yan Shuo figured it out, “He must have asked for some kind of psychedelic drug. I’m afraid he already knew that you wanted to make him drunk by filling him with wine, so he took the trick and simply made you drunk in the same way at the wine table.”

“After that, he pretended to go into the room with you, but in fact he had the rabbit girl pretend to be him and you ……” Thinking of this, Zhu Yan Shuo was unwilling to go on.

This is simply a strange shame, and it’s happening to his own sister!

“Brother, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for being confused for a while, that’s why ……” Zhu Yan’er was also very aggrieved and sad, I thought it was a dream of a spring night, but I never thought I was actually with a woman ……

“It’s just that, you can’t be blamed for this.” Zhu Yanshuo shook his head: “That guy is so thoughtful and meticulous that even I was paralyzed by him and really thought he ……”

“It is my brother’s momentary carelessness that has caused you to suffer this kind of aggravation.”

“The first thing I want to do is to get back to the city. Zhu Yanshuo said in an angry voice.

“But ……,” Zhu Yan’er, although he was eager to do so, so that he could take his revenge, but when he thought of the evil consequences that Han Qianqian would suffer, he could not help but feel uncomfortable.

“You like that boy?” Zhu Yanshuo said with a frown.

Zhu Yanshuo thought for a moment and nodded his head.

“It’s really like marrying a girl and spilling her water, just spending less than a night with someone else, and you’re so elbowed out.” Zhu Yanshuo glanced glumly at his sister, his tone easing slightly: “But you have feelings, others may not, my silly sister.”

“The first time I met this man, I knew he was extraordinary, with some courtesy and hospitality. Even when I found him sneaking into the West Wing in the middle of the night, I didn’t kill him, I just sent someone to send him back to where he was, hoping he would just think it was a dream.”

“Afterwards, after knowing that he is a heaven-sent god, he is even more polite, and even bent on setting you two up, brother are ready, if he is willing to marry you, this the city of the fall I and the two of them will be equal, together to create the world, but unfortunately ……”

The first time I saw you, I was able to get to know you.

“I only have such a sister as you, do you, do you still want to change back to your old self?”

Hearing these words, Zhu Yan’er’s head shook like a rattle, “Brother, Yan’er doesn’t want to, Yan’er doesn’t want to be afraid to see people forever.”

After saying this, Zhu Yan’er even became a bit scared and panicked.

Zhu Yanshuo took a few steps over and gently embraced his sister into his arms, patting her shoulders slowly and comfortingly, “Don’t worry, with brother here, no one will ever take away your beauty.”

And almost at that moment, several teams of people also quickly came in from outside, and when they arrived at the entrance of the hall, they saw the two siblings like this and stood quietly waiting in the hall.

Zhu Yanshuo raised his eyes to look at the crowd, gently let go of Zhu Yan’er and asked, “Report everything, after so long, have you found any clues?”

The crowd shook their heads.

“They were so badly killed and injured, would there be no one at the pharmacy and other places to buy herbs? And nothing was found over at the black market?”

“Your Excellency, we have already set up our guards, but we really haven’t found anything suspicious, but there is one thing that is very, very strange.”

“Oh?” Zhu Yan Shuo frowned, “Say.”