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His Destined Path Chapter 3336


The procession, like a long snake, pa*sed slowly and silently through the kneeling soldiers on either side, and entered the city without glancing at them, proudly and unmistakably.

The procession was interspersed with palanquins, both majestic and solemn, and looked particularly terrifying in the midst of the lightning and thunder of this rainy day.

As the group entered the city, the gates were closed again and everything, again, was submerged in the heavy rain, as if nothing had happened.

It was not until ten minutes later in front of the main gate of the city lord’s residence, along with the sound of rain pattering, the city lord’s gate slowly opened and a group of soldiers, despite the pouring rain, quickly lined up in front of the gate to welcome them against the heavy rain.

Zhu Yanshuo also followed, accompanied by the four great masters, with the old butler personally holding the umbrella.

With a bang, the head palanquin landed on the ground, and in the back palanquin, a man ran quickly in front of the head pride in the rain, bent his old waist, held up the umbrella with a very low posture, and pulled open the curtain of the palanquin.

As soon as he stepped out of the palanquin, he gently raised his hand to block the umbrella of the man next to him, and to our surprise, even though the rain was pouring down, it did not touch him.

It was as if the rain had an aura, and as soon as it reached him, it turned and landed vertically at a distance of half a metre from him.

As he took a step, the rain automatically gave way, not touching his shoes in the slightest.

Seeing this, each of the four experts frowned, slightly alarmed.

This person looks young, but his cultivation is truly terrifying.

“Lord Zhu City?” The man said in a soft voice.

Zhu Yanshuo instantly returned to his senses and hastily said respectfully, “Special Envoy Ye?”

The man snorted coldly, but did not deny it. At once, not caring about the pouring rain, Zhu Yanshuo rushed directly into the rain, slightly raising his hand and hastily greeting him, “Special Envoy Ye has worked hard, please come inside, please come inside.”

“Old housekeeper, quickly order the kitchen to prepare the finest fire milk to drive away the cold and dampness for all of you.”

“Yes!” The old butler received the order and did not dare to be slow in the slightest, hurriedly retreating to the kitchen.

Seeing this, the man nodded slightly and swept a glance at the middle-aged man next to him, saying with carelessness, “Introduce, this is called Fu Tian.”

This man was none other than Ye Shijun, who had come all the way here slowly, Fu Tian and the others.

Zhu Yanshuo smiled and gave a slight salute to Fu Tian, “Greetings senior Fu Tian.”

Fu Tian smiled slightly and also returned the salute, “You are welcome, City Master Zhu.”

Ye Shijun saw that the two had finished greeting each other but did not go inside, instead he turned back slightly and looked at the group of sedan chairs behind him, seemingly waiting for something.

Fu Tian understood his intention and hurriedly waved his hand at the bearer of the second sedan chair behind him.

A few moments later, a woman in the sedan chair came out quickly.

Although her face was a little pale, her features were exquisite, and even though she was rather haggard, her excellent figure was still the envy of many onlookers, and a group of people, including Lord Zhu, could not help but be slightly enchanted by her.

This woman is beautiful.

The only downside was that not only did her face seem a little haggard, her body didn’t seem to be in great shape either.

With the help of the maids, she limped over to Ye Lucheng’s side.

“This is Your Ladyship?” City Master Zhu faintly stared.

“Precisely, her name is Fu Mei.” Ye Shijun smiled coldly and looked at Fu Mei.

Fu Mei lowered her head, not daring to even glance at Zhu Yanshuo.

“Madam Ye, Zhu has a salute.”

“Mei’er, Lord Zhu City is greeting you.” Ye Shijun grunted coldly.

Hearing Ye Shijun’s voice, a hint of imperceptible fear clearly flashed in Fu Mei’s eyes, followed by her still lowering her head, but her body crouched slightly in a rather polite manner and gave a salute, “Fu Mei has greeted City Master Zhu.”

Zhu Yanshuo smiled gently and politely rushed at Ye Shijun, “Your Ladyship has a decent appearance and elegant manners, indeed she and Special Envoy Ye are a match made in heaven.”

“Come, gentlemen, it’s raining heavily outside, let’s go inside.”

Ye Shijun gave a disdainful sneer at the foreword, nodded and, at Zhu Yanshuo’s invitation, made his way to the main hall.

Although the lightning and thunder were thundering and it was raining heavily, the soldiers were still standing by the sides and the servants were lined up to welcome them, bringing the ceremony to the highest level.

When he walked into the hall, Ye Shijun was the first to speak, “I received your urgent letter, and I heard that someone is causing trouble in the city?”

“Precisely.” Zhu Yanshuo nodded.

“Oh, tell me, which fool has eaten the courage of an ambitious leopard? I’d be quite interested.” Ye Shijun said in a cold voice.