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His Destined Path Chapter 3335

Not only was there no hint of panic on his face, instead he smiled incomparably lightly, glanced at the crowd and said, “Thank you all for your hard work.”

Pig San, who had a fierce temper, was the first to hold back, “I say, Boss Han, what are you trying to do by asking us to buy all the food in the shops in the city at a high price? Even if you want to fight them on a full stomach, you can’t use this much, right?”

After saying this, the b*****d muttered, “Even if there were a thousand of me, Pig San, I wouldn’t be able to eat it.”

The subordinate’s interruptions were generally not allowed here at Lord Ruyu’s place, but at this time he did not stop Pig San, because he really did not quite understand why Han Qianqian was doing this.

And at this time, Emotional Ji also came over and gave Han Qianqian a bow, saying, “As you ordered, I have fed some of the finest tonic to Miss Xia, and with the night’s rest last night, she is now in a much better condition.”

“What about the rest?” Han Qianqian asked.

“It’s all on hand.” Emotion Ji replied.

If their mission was strange, then I’m afraid that Emotional Girl’s mission was even stranger. She was also arranged by Han Qianqian to go out to buy ingredients, but all the ingredients were only top quality tonic products and nothing else, which was completely opposite to the others who wanted quantity and not quality.

And when she came back early in the morning, she let Han Qianqian go to take care of Xia Wei, and she even had to take care of herself for a long time to come.

Although Emotional Ji would not disobey Han Qianqian, but she is a hall of a hundred demons hall master, but was sent to take care of others, this is really a bit too big, right?

But the one who is more stifled is obviously not him, but another ……

“I say Han Qianqian, do you really want to mess up like this?” Mo Bei Tian was depressed.

Because of this group of people, he was clearly the most boring one.

He was holding an egg in his hand, and his next task was actually to hold this egg properly!

Wasn’t this outrageous?

He was the Palace Master of the Heavenly Demon Palace, and in terms of position, he was a bit stronger than Emotional Girl, and in terms of cultivation, no one here could beat him except Han Qianqian, yet he was sent to incubate the egg?

The key is that he is a man.

Isn’t it ridiculous for a man to hatch eggs?

But Han Qianqian smiled faintly and nodded with great certainty.

He was completely depressed.

“Good, then, according to the original plan, excluding Emotional Ji staying behind to help me take care of Xia Wei, everyone else will disperse and find their own places to scatter and hide.” After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he said to everyone, “When we finish, I will have Emotional Ji contact you.”

Next, Han Qianqian glanced at Duke Ruyu, “You’ll have a hard time next, many soldiers have been injured in this battle, so you’ll need to help take care of them.”

“But, as always, their treatment will come from me, you only need to stabilise their injuries from spreading for now.” Han Qianqian said.

Duke Ruyu nodded, “Don’t worry, it’s under my care.”

“Good, thank you all for your help, I know you all have doubts in your hearts, but please believe in Han, the day this is done, I will shine a light on Mankong.”

With these words, Han Qianqian turned around and went back to the temple. The rest of the group also looked at each other before finally being encouraged by Han Qianqian’s words and following his original plan, they exited the temple and dispersed.

The gate outside the temple courtyard was soon only guarded by Emotion Girl.

Inside the broken temple, in the small space, Han Qianqian walked in, and when she saw Han Qianqian enter, Xia Wei sat up.

“Brother Three Thousand.”

“Are you ready?”

“Not only are you ready early, but you’re even a little slow.”

“Good, then let’s begin.”

Xavier nodded.

Along with a sudden muffled thunder in the sky outside the house, dark clouds pressed in and lightning flashed as if the sky had collapsed in half.

Outside of Cailuo City, a procession of people holding a large banner with the word Ye was also heading towards Cailuo City between the lightning and thunder.

The rain began to pour down.

When they reached the city, accompanied by a strange sound of trumpets, the soldiers guarding the city gates hurriedly and with a very low profile quickly arrived at the gates, opened them wide, divided into two groups, and respectfully knelt to meet them ……