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His Destined Path Chapter 3338

When the figure came, almost everyone present, except Zhu Yanshuo, was dumbstruck.

Her beauty was enough to make anyone want to ask the heavens how she was born, and how she could be so beautiful.

The cold and arrogant Ye Shijun had completely lost his temperament at that moment, and his eyes were dumbfounded like a dog.

After a few moments, he came back to his senses slightly, but his eyes were not willing to pull away even a little.

Seeing Ye Shijun staring at the person behind him, Zhu Yanshuo also heard the sound and hurriedly turned around, taking a few steps to catch up with the beautiful figure that walked in and said quietly and urgently, “Sister, why did you run in?”

However, despite his complaints, Zhu Yanshuo still introduced himself to all of them and said, “This is my sister, Zhu Yan’er, please forgive me for barging in unexpectedly.”

With the arrogance and indifference of Ye Shijun nowadays, if a normal person barged in so unruly, Ye Shijun would naturally not let her go, but at this moment, Ye Shijun was not half angry, instead, he looked at Zhu Yan’er and smiled: “It is not an unexpected surprise for Miss Zhu to come here, it should be a gift.”

“Am I right? Fu Tian?” Ye Shijun asked in a cold voice.

Fu Tian was such a dog, he understood and smiled, “I have lived most of my life and have seen countless women, but I have never seen anyone as beautiful as Miss Zhu. I can even say that it is unheard of for someone to be half as beautiful as her.”

“Elder Fu is flattering, Madam Ye is as naturally beautiful as a fairy, my sister is just dull compared to her. Zhu Yanshuo hastily said in a complimentary manner.

“You mean Fu Mei?” Ye Shijun laughed coldly and looked back at Fu Mei who had her head lowered, “Master Zhu said you look better than Miss Zhu, why do you have your head lowered, lift it up and compare.”

Hearing Ye Shijun’s words, Fu Mei did not dare to delay and slowly raised her head. Even though she was a woman, she could not help but be slightly stunned when she saw Zhu Yan’er, and was secretly surprised that there were still such beautiful women in this world.

Ye Shijun laughed coldly, at this point holding Fu Mei’s chin in one hand, and opened his mouth, “Just such a goods, compared to others, is as ridiculous as rotten clay compared to jade.”

“You should indeed lower your wooden fish head.”

Hearing these words, Zhu Yanshuo and the others were shocked, after all, this was the envoy’s wife and everyone could only be polite to each other, but they did not expect the envoy to scold his wife like a dog.

The amba*sador’s wife did not retort, and really bowed her head obediently.

Ye Shijun looked up slightly and saw the expressions of the people, he did not mind at all, but looked at Zhu Yan’er, “Right, just now Miss Zhu said that she knew the name of the other party, then please tell Miss Zhu.”

Zhu Yan’er looked at Ye Shijun, slightly hesitant at this moment, her brother had sent people to search for a day but no trace of Han Qianqian, she was extremely reluctant.

Hearing that there was a large group of people coming to the residence, and seeing that her brother looked unusually respectful, she naturally knew that this group of people were by no means ordinary people, and might even be her brother’s secret moves.

Therefore, she pinned her hopes on them in the hope that they could help her search for Han Qianqian.

She had to teach Han Qianqian a good lesson to his face in order to relieve her anger. She also wanted to bind Han Qianqian to her side so that he would stay here forever.

Thinking of this, she opened her mouth, “His name is Han Qianqian.”

“Han Qianqian?” Fu Tian instantly burst out in shock.

“That’s right, it’s called Han Three-thousand.” Zhu Yanshuo also nodded affirmatively at this point.

That night when he invited Han Qianqian, when he first met his sister, in order to remind her he did say his name, only that Zhu Yanshuo was also momentarily anxious and did not say it in time.

In fact, as early as when his sister arrived completely, he had already remembered, but Ye Shijun was asking his sister, so he did not rush to answer, at this time to see Fu Tian words have doubts, so this is why he interjected to affirm.

Fu Tian’s eyes widened incredulously, raising his eyes to Ye Shijun, who apparently had been gazing at Zhu Yan’er at this time, could not help but withdraw his gaze and stare at Fu Tian in a daze ……