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His Destined Path Chapter 3339

Not only the two of them, but even Fu Mei, who did not dare to raise her head at all without Ye Shijun’s orders, had a strange glint rekindled in her eyes at this moment, raising her head slightly in awe.

To the three of them, the name Han Qianqian was filled with too many complex emotions.

They were impatiently looking forward to the day when he would appear, to cut him open and pull out his bones in order to vent his hatred.

But when they heard the news at this moment, they were not as happy as they thought they would be, but rather, they were more worried and scared, and shocked.

Many, many more emotions, indescribable at the time, filled their minds and hearts.

Everything, in the end, turned into four words.

“Surprisingly, it’s him!”

Yes, it could surprisingly be him.

The one who had slaughtered the Demon Cloud Ghost City!

The one who had caused Cailuo City to urgently call for help!

Surprisingly, it could be him!

Ye Shijun stared at Zhu Yanshuo with wide eyes and questioned in a cold voice, “Is this true?”

Zhu Yanshuo was a little surprised, nodding his head and asking, “Does the envoy know this man?”

“A mere acquaintance? Even if he was turned into a pile of ashes, I would remember him just as clearly. Good, good, really good, I even said that I would have fun with him when the time comes, but I didn’t expect him to come to my door of his own accord.” The more Ye Shijun said, the colder his eyes became.

If it wasn’t for this b*tch Han Qianqian, how would this b*tch Fu Mei have gone out with his wife? How could his family have been torn apart?

If it wasn’t for this b*tch Han Qianqian, how could his Ye family’s power have declined?

How could he have been forced into a desperate situation?

Heaven had mercy, and since he was not destined to die, it was surely time for him to take revenge.

“Shijun, I didn’t expect that even such a complicated demon land hadn’t killed that b*****d Han Qianqian, it seems that that grandson really has a hard life.” Fu Tian also hurriedly whispered in his ear at this time, gently reminding.

Ye Shijun turned back slightly and looked at Fu Tian, waiting for his next words.

Fu Tian thought for a moment, “We have thousands of elite soldiers and a large number of elite soldiers in Cailu City, so we should deploy well this time to prevent Han Qianqian from escaping, and since we have met, we should just kill him in one blow and not give him any chance.”

Ye Shijun nodded his head, Fu Tian’s words were exactly what he wanted.

“Right, should we contact the old city master?”

“No need.” Ye Shijun shook his head, “Zhu Yanshuo initiated a plea for help from my father, and since my father has already sent a timely message for me to come, he has already decided that we can set this matter right.”

“I also believe that with the power of Cailuo City plus us, it is more than enough to deal with one Han Qianqian.”

At this point, Ye Shijun coldly snorted, “The Ye Shijun of today is no longer the Ye Shijun of that day.”

“You understand this, and Fu Mei, this trifle, has also experienced this, now it’s time for him, Han Qianqian, to learn the lesson as well.”

“Immediately seal the city, and at the same time have all the night dogs hovering in the vicinity gather at Cailuo City, I want to see if he, Han Qianqian, can drill the ground, or can fly into the sky.”

As soon as the words fell, Fu Tian immediately led the order, “Yes, my subordinate will go do it.”

As Fu Tian left, Zhu Yan Shuo’s group did not receive their mission, and looking at Ye Shijun, he could not help but ask in a small voice, “Then, Special Envoy, what should we do?”

“You guys?” Ye Shijun swept a cold glance and smiled, “Rest.”


Once they heard this, a group of people stared wide-eyed, although there was a special envoy and other people arriving, the people of that fallen city were always not waste and could help some ah.

But it happened that their task was to rest, which was really puzzling.

Ye Shijun smiled gently, but his eyes were on Zhu Yan’er: “Isn’t it good enough to let you guys rest? I’ve had a long journey and I’m hungry, let’s have a drink together.”

With these words, Ye Shijun laughed and turned around, then took the lead and got up and headed towards the seat in the hall.

Although Zhu Yanshuo’s group was very confused, they saw the way Ye Shijun looked at Zhu Yan’er and understood a lot, so they had to order people to prepare wine and food.

At this time, the other side of the Han three thousand ……