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His Destined Path Chapter 3341

“It …… it won’t be ……”

“Yes!” Han Qianqian looked at her with a smile, watching her reflection.

“That’s not …… possible? That’s the Evil Taotie, it’s very fierce, how could …… it be,” Emotional Ji was very skeptical of life.

When she remembered when she first saw that horrible scene in the Valley of the Trapped Immortals, she then felt incomparably frightened even now, as an ancient fierce beast, the Evil Taotie was simply out of sight and overbearing, like a ruthless and crazy killing machine.

But now, this overbearing killing machine is really like a pig raised by Han Qianqian, being woken up and then put into a pile of food to eat like crazy, which still has a semblance of its previous appearance.

“You …… you took it in?” Emotion Ji asked cautiously.

“Then otherwise I would have been digested long ago, and I would still be over here talking to you while feeding the pigs?”

Thinking about it, it seems to say the same thing, but on second thought, it seems to think that something is wrong somewhere.

That’s the Evil Taotie, how can someone make it sound like they’ve taken in a cat or a dog?

“I’m a bit reflective, but Han Sanchi I must admit, this wave you really pretended to, when I said nothing, I took care of Xia Wei.”

After saying that, Emotional Ji turned around to help Xia Wei lie down and rest, talking to some people, one can accidentally be elevated by others, at least Emotional Ji thought so.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, taking advantage of the evil Taotie’s feeding frenzy, at this time he once again entered the realm of adjusting and resting.

Unlike Han Qianqian’s side, the city lord’s residence was a place of song and dance and laughter, as if they were not the ones being beaten but Han Qianqian, after all, the two sides were so different now.

The singers and dancers danced to the sound of music, and above the hall, Ye Shijun shook his wine and smiled, but everyone knew that he was not smiling at all at the exquisite dancing, but at someone else in the audience.

Zhu Yan’er.

She was seated with her brother, to the left of Ye Shijun in the centre, opposite Fu Tian on her right.

Out of courtesy, Zhu Yan’er was aware that Ye Shijun was constantly looking at her, so she would occasionally raise her eyes and smile in response, but it was Zhu Yanshuo who was beside her with a sad face and a heavy heart.

He raised his cup slightly and went to Zhu Yanshuo’s side, taking the opportunity to pour Zhu Yanshuo a gla*s of wine while laughing lightly, “Lord Zhu, you are in a song and dance but your heart is elsewhere, why are you so sullen?”

Seeing Fu Tian pouring wine for him, Zhu Yan Shuo then came back to his senses and smiled awkwardly while getting up, “Senior Fu knows what Zhu is worried about, so why do you still ask?”

Fu Tian smiled, “What are you worried about with Special Envoy Ye here? Special Envoy Ye is not an ordinary envoy, this is something that you should know by heart.”

Zhu Yanshuo nodded: “I naturally know that Envoy Ye is no ordinary person, but that Han Qianqian …… has not been heard from yet, not only have we not sent our men to investigate, but we are singing and dancing here, how can I rest in peace?”

“The first time the night dogs arrive, where will Han Qianqian hide? What are you worried about, Lord Zhu?” Fu Tian smiled gently, picked up the wine cup filled with wine and enthusiastically handed it to Zhu Yan Shuo’s hand, continuing, “It is you, on the other hand, who will take advantage of this time to make Duke Ye happy, so that when the time comes, not only will your great revenge be avenged, but most importantly, the future will be promising.”

With these words, Fu Tian laughed heatedly and raised his cup to drink.

Zhu Yanshuo also hesitated slightly and hurriedly drank the wine as well before looking at Fu Tian: “Senior Fu’s intention, I don’t particularly understand it, please give some hints.”

Fu Tian smiled wickedly and patted Zhu Yan Shuo’s shoulder, then, with a look, he indicated him to look towards Ye Shijun.

When Zhu Yanshuo looked towards Ye Shijun and followed his gaze back but found that it was on his own sister, Zhu Yanshuo understood in a flash.

Zhu Yanshuo withdrew his gaze, then quietly approached Fu Tian’s side, frowned slightly and spoke quietly, “Senior Fu, what you mean is…”

Fu Tian gave a wicked sneer and greeted Zhu Yan Shuo as he brought his ears over…