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His Destined Path Chapter 3340

A few sneezes in a row caused Han Qianqian to be a little overwhelmed.

Xia Wei beside her was already pale to the extreme, just a short while ago, according to Han Qianqian’s plan, she once again channeled a lot of Phoenix blood to Han Qianqian.

At this time, the love Ji had already arrived at the point to enter the temple, helping Xia Wei to the side of the hay towards the floor, feeding her quite a lot of tonic.

The two of them did not understand what they had done in the temple, and when they saw how pale Xia Wei was, they had dismissed the idea of playing in the temple, but when they saw that Han Qianqian was sneezing, it seemed quite similar in a way.

While Han Qianqian was meditating with his eyes closed at the moment, Emotional Ji fed Xia Wei a mouthful of tonic before saying quietly, “Is he that fierce?”

“Hm?” Xia Wei obviously didn’t reflect.

“You’re all like this, he’s got typhoid too ……,” Emotional Ji froze.

Xia Wei was still a bit bewildered not knowing what she was talking about.

Rather, at this time closed eyes of Han three thousand, breathlessly closed eyes opened: “Ghost bullsh*t.”

The love girl was stunned, holy sh*t, aren’t you closed for cultivation? You can even interject this?

“Obviously, someone can’t find us and is probably chanting about us. The next few days will probably be the hardest ones, so you must be careful to stay hidden, Emotional Ji.” Han Qianqian said.

“Don’t worry about it, Demon North Heaven and I haven’t stayed in the city for so long for nothing, we know very well how the city is fortified as well as the city routes, this broken temple is also something we stumbled upon from an old map of a family’s house, the path is very strange, hidden among the dwellings, also because the route is not good, slowly abandoned by the residents, their gang would not be able to dig their own heads out even if they They couldn’t find this place even if they dug their heads out.” Emotion Ji said confidently.

Han Qianqian nodded, “Don’t be afraid of the eventuality, just be careful.”

“Got it.” Emotion Ji responded, “Right, are we going to hide here all the time? It’s too unnecessary to get so much food, isn’t it? Are you planning to hide for a year?”

“Love Ji, do you know you’re noisy?” Han Qianqian rolled his eyes and opened them slightly at that moment, then he slowly stood up.

Seeing Han Qianqian like this, Emotional Ji was somewhat helpless and spat out her tongue, saying, “I’m wrong, big deal, I’ll shut up, you should just keep cultivating and keep cultivating ……”

After saying that, she even made a shut up gesture.

Han Qianqian rolled her eyes, “I’m not getting up because you’re making noise.”

“I’m getting up to feed something.” Han Qianqian said.

“Feed something? Feed what?”

“Feeding the pig.” Han Qianqian was speechless, he really didn’t expect that Emotional Ji would become so noisy after getting acquainted, like a hundred thousand questions, constantly buzzing in his ears endlessly.

“Feeding pigs? Holy sh*t, you made us buy so much stuff that isn’t for human consumption? To feed pigs? What kind of pigs are you feeding, even pigs can’t eat this much stuff, right?” Emotion Ji’s Soul N series of questions struck again.

Han Qianqian felt his ears grow big, and without turning back, he said back, “What kind of pig? A pig that’s afraid of scaring you.”

With those words, the spatial cut-off in Han Qianqian’s hand moved slightly.

Immediately afterwards, the Taotie of Evil was slowly released.

Since the last time, the Evil Taotie had been in a weak state, and had been fleeing for his life before, and the situation was quite complicated when he arrived at the Demon Cloud Ghost City, so Han Qianqian had not done his best to care for it.

Now, with the enemy at hand, it was obvious that relying on one’s personal strength alone was a bit of a stretch, so the recovery of the Evil Taotie was a very important help to Han Qianqian.

The reason behind letting them get so much food was also here.

“What is this thing? It’s …… so familiar.” Love Ji froze, staring at the Evil Taotie with unblinking eyes, she seemed to have seen this thing somewhere, but ……

but couldn’t seem to recall it for a moment.

However, there was one thing she was sure of: “This isn’t a pig, is it? Whose pig would look like this?”

“That’s what my pig looks like, okay? You’ve seen it.” Han Qianqian smiled faintly, then touched the sleeping Evil Taotie, waking it up and indicating the mountain of food in front of it.

Seeing the food, the Evil Taotie was immediately energised, and with a flying body, he ate and drank.

Han Qianqian, who had finished his work, looked back at the puzzled Emotional Ji, and could not help but smile at this time and opened his mouth, “Think carefully about what you saw when you were in the Immortal Valley.”

With Han Qianqian’s hint, Emotional Ji suddenly froze fiercely, followed by the whole person opening her mouth ……