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His Destined Path Chapter 3343

“Tell me instead, City Master Zhu.” Fu Tian laughed.

“In the next few days, I will find some words and excuses, and when the time comes, I will pretend that we are all touring together, but in reality, I will secretly leave space for the two of them. However, there is one thing that I need Elder Fu’s help with.” Zhu Yan Shuo said with a smile.

Fu Tian was delighted, “Does City Master Zhu want Mister Fu to set Fu Mei off from her?”

Zhu Yanshuo smiled but did not say anything, but the meaning in each was very clear.

Fu Tian smiled, “Don’t worry, the matter is under Fu Tian’s care.”

“Then I will thank Elder Fu for your sister.”

“You are welcome, we are all in the same boat, it is only right to look after each other. I only hope that in the future, you and I can work together to create a prosperous world.”

With these words, the two men smiled at each other and once again filled their cups and drank.

After bidding Zhu Yanshuo farewell, Fu Tian then took his own cup and headed for his seat, nodding to Ye Shijun as he pa*sed the centre.

He nodded at Ye Shijun as he pa*sed the centre. Ye Shijun instantly understood that Fu Tian was talking to each other for himself and was quite satisfied that he had done his job.

Only Fu Mei, behind him, used the curtain of her hand to cover her face as she raised her hand to drink wine, and stared at Fu Tian viciously through some slits.

Once, when she was leading the Fu family back to life, Fu Tian followed her like a dog. Now that she had lost her power, this dog thief had not only not helped her one bit, but had helped Ye Shijun to suppress her at every turn, and was constantly pleasing Ye Shijun by doing so.

If there is a chance in the future, she will definitely trample him under her feet so that he will never be able to turn back.

On Zhu Yanshuo’s side, he also returned to his seat and turned back slightly to his sister, Zhu Yan’er was the first to open his mouth, “Brother, what were you talking about just now, for so long?”

“Oh, a few random words.” Zhu Yanshuo smiled gently and then said, “Old Mr. Fu said, looking at your eyes there is always a difference every time you mention Han Qianqian, are you in love with that boy?”

“Nonsense, there’s no such thing.” Zhu Yan’er’s eyes had a slight dodge.

Obviously, this could not be concealed from Zhu Yanshuo’s eyes, and this was exactly what he wanted: “A woman loves a hero, there is something wrong with that.”

“It’s just that, as you know, what that Han Qianqian likes is not you at all, otherwise why would he treat you like this? However, I don’t want to talk too much about feelings, I just want to say one thing to my sister, although Han Qianqian is a hero, but that is the hero you see.”

“What does brother mean by that?” Zhu Yan’er was a little confused.

Zhu Yanshuo smiled and said, “Brother’s meaning is very simple, you are still young and have not seen the world deeply, just like that little monkey that came down from the mountain, when it first saw the peach it thought it was big and even thought it was the biggest fruit in the world.”

“But that was because he hadn’t seen other fruits that were bigger, such as watermelons, and one day, as he saw more, he realised that the so-called biggest fruit in his mind might not be anything.”

Zhu Yan’er frowned slightly, “What brother means is that Han Qianqian is the big peach, right?”

Zhu Yanshuo nodded and patted his sister’s head, “Exactly.”

“And who is the fruit that is as big as a watermelon?”

Zhu Yanshuo smiled bitterly, “Maybe I didn’t know before, because there aren’t many experts I’ve seen in this world, but it just so happens that there happens to be that one now.”

With those words, Zhu Yanshuo looked towards Ye Shijun in the centre.

“Him?” Zhu Yan’er was a little puzzled.


Zhu Yanshuo looked and shook his head, giving the somewhat happy Zhu Yanshuo a blow to the head, “But Yan’er doesn’t like him, he’s not as good looking as Han Qianqian.”

As soon as he heard this, Zhu Yanshuo hurriedly covered Zhu Yan’er’s mouth, if Ye Shijun heard this, it would still be necessary: “Yan’er, what men want is ability, not face.”

“Or, think in another direction, isn’t Han Qianqian treating you like this? Then you change to someone better than him and show him in front of him, wouldn’t it be more out of anger?”

Once she heard this, Zhu Yan’er instantly figured out that this was also right.

Seeing that his sister no longer refused, Zhu Yanshuo smiled coldly, Han Qianqian, let’s see how I play you to death this time!!!