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His Destined Path Chapter 3344


In the next few days, apart from the fact that the gates of the city were still guarded by heavy troops and no one was allowed to enter or leave the city, the city changed from its previous tense situation to one of a festive occasion.

There were lights and decorations everywhere, and the city was bustling with activity, not as if the city lord’s residence had been broken into, but as if some great event had been welcomed.

Every day, the house is busy and bustling, with servants preparing all kinds of food early in the morning and bringing it to the guest room on the west side of the City Lord’s Hall to serve the two families breakfast. When they were finished, they would be freshened up and dressed, and Zhu Yan Shuo would arrive at this time.

There were people from the Zhu family and the two Fuye families everywhere in the city, visiting alone or enjoying themselves with the people, without any sense of superiority.

Many people also began to notice the new, strange young face accompanying Zhu Yanshuo – Ye Shijun.

The crowd knew that Zhu Yanshuo’s status was not ordinary, but he was so happy with the people that he won their attention and praise for Ye Shijun was pouring in.

It must be said that Zhu Yanshuo is indeed a fierce campaigner, and with this kind of manipulation, Ye Shijun’s image was immediately established.

This made Ye Shijun very happy, but he was even happier because he and Zhu Yan’er had spent a lot of time alone together in the past few days, and he often received praise from others in the midst of playing.

In Zhu Yan’er’s eyes, Ye Shijun’s image began to grow, and even made Zhu Yan’er feel a little bit better about the polite Ye family’s son.

At some later times, there was no need for Zhu Yanshuo and Fu Tian to deliberately create opportunities, and they would agree to Ye Shijun’s private invitations.

The relationship between the two began to grow closer and closer.

Three days later, on the evening of that day, the two men returned from another trip. Although the city lord’s residence was heavily guarded, all his men had already been informed verbally by Zhu Yanshuo, and they obediently retreated on their own as soon as they saw them, so as not to disturb them.

As a result, the two men came all the way here as if no one was around.

“Did you have a good time today?” Ye Shijun smiled slightly as he looked at Zhu Yan’er and smiled.

Even now, Zhu Yan’er was still reminiscing about the fun she had just had, and without thinking, she nodded her head vigorously, “I had a lot of fun, especially the boating, which I had never done since I was a child, it was simply too much fun.”

Seeing Zhu Yan’er smile so beautifully, Ye Shijun smiled happily, “It’s good that you are happy.”

Seeing Ye Shijun’s affectionate eyes, Zhu Yan’er was a little shy: “By the way, thank you.”

Zhu Yan’er herself was topped with Xia Wei’s stunning face, her smile was enough to kill anyone, and now with this slight shyness, it was really something that no man could put his heart at ease.

A man’s impulse immediately made Ye Shijun couldn’t help but slightly bend over and put his mouth up.

Zhu Yan’er did not refuse, but in a few moments, she suddenly withdrew slightly, avoiding Ye Shijun.

Ye Shijun was instantly very sorry and looked at Zhu Yan’er with bewildered eyes, “What’s wrong?”

Zhu Yan’er was a bit at a loss for words, lowering her head and not speaking.

“There’s no one around here.” Ye Shijun looked around and said with some urgency.

Zhu Yan’er rubbed her hand nervously, but still gathered her courage: “It’s not because of this.”

“Then because of what?”

“I ……” Zhu Yan’er looked up at the disappointed and nervous Ye Shijun, recalling the happy bits and pieces with him, and finally could not bear to hide it from him, “Actually… . it’s my own problem.”

“You want to talk about Han Qianqian, don’t you?” Ye Shijun asked.

Although Ye Shijun was indeed nice and happy with him, Han Qianqian’s even more handsome face and his unparalleled personal strength were still deeply imprinted in Zhu Yan’er’s heart.

To accept him would mean completely letting go of Han Sanchiang, but what was clear was that, at least for the moment, Ye Shijun did not seem to be any better than Han Sanchiang.

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Therefore, it is really difficult to ask Zhu Yan’er to make a give and take at this time.

Seeing Zhu Yan’er nodding, Ye Shijun was so angry that his hands were shaking, he forced his teeth and forced a smile: “It’s okay, I will let you make up your mind about this, let me take you back to the house first, okay?”

With those words, Ye Shijun led Zhu Yan’er back to her bedchamber and bid farewell thereafter, while almost the moment he turned around violently, his face wore an incomparable scowl.

He rushed outside with quick steps, but at that moment, Fu Tian came with quick steps, and Ye Shijun looked at him and said in a cold voice: “Have you arrived?”


“Just in time!”