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His Destined Path Chapter 3345

With those words, Ye Shijun clenched his fists and rushed towards the guest room where he was.

He knew from his clenched fist that Ye Shijun had hit a wall with Zhu Yan’er, but the good thing was that, as he had said, he had come at the right time.

Within a few moments, the two men returned, one after the other, to the hall where the guest room was located.

Although it was a guest room, it was actually like a small city lord’s house, with a main guest room, a second guest room, an attendant’s room and a guard’s room, and even a special study and a main living room.

Although the main living room is not as large as the city lord’s hall, it is also quite regular and luxuriously decorated.

When he returned to the main living room, there were already a few senior executives of the two families sitting on either side of him, and when they saw Ye Shijun enter, a group of them hurriedly rose and bowed slightly.

Ye Shijun fiercely sat on his buttocks under the most central high hall: “Where is everyone?”

Fu Tian dared not be slow and ran to the door with a wave of his hand, and a moment later, several men in black quickly entered.

The men looked strange, although their human forms were visible under the black clothes, their walking posture was on all fours, which was quite bizarre.

“Greetings, my lord.”

The black-clothed men, five in number, knelt down and shouted at Ye Shijun in unison.

“All of them are here?” Ye Shijun asked with a gaze.

The first of the five hastily replied, “I have summoned all the night dogs around here, a total of three hundred and one, and there is no shortage of mouthfuls.

“Very good.” At these words, Ye Shijun could not help but be overjoyed, the boredom in his heart would finally have a chance to be avenged: “Fu Tian.”


“Give them the stuff.”

He nodded, and then took a piece of rag out of his pocket and threw it to the five men. It was a corner of the clothes that Han Qianqian had worn from Lord Zhu.

The first thing that happened was that the five of them were given a piece of clothing by the Lord of the City. /p>

“Ask all the night dogs to take a good whiff of the smell up there and make sure you find out where this man is hiding, or else there will not be night dogs around forever.” Fu Tian shouted coldly.

Hearing these words, the five men in black did not dare to be the least bit slow, and hurriedly grabbed the cloth and sniffed it vigorously in front of their noses.

After confirming the smell, they put the cloth away and the leader knelt down on the ground, “Don’t worry, my lord, we will do our best and will not stop until we catch this person.”

With those words, the five men got up and headed outside.

“Wait.” Ye Shijun suddenly spoke.

The five of them stopped.

“This man is very powerful, and as cunning as an old fox, if you find him, do not alert the snake, understand?” Ye Shijun instructed.

The Night Dogs were too numerous to be surrounded by themselves on impulse, and if they alerted Han Qianqian it would be the same as abandoning all their work.

“The leader of the night dogs was not convinced, but after careful consideration, he nodded his head: “I understand, once I find out, I will come back and report to you. ”

“Go on.”

When the night dog left, Fu Tian also slowly came into the hall at this time and bowed slightly, “So I will start to rea*semble the team now too?”

“There is no rush.” Ye Shijun finished and glanced at the senior managers on either side, “You guys go down first.”


The group of senior executives led the order and collectively retreated.

When only Fu Tian was left in the room, Ye Shijun spoke, “Wait until the Heaven’s Darkness team arrives, they will arrive early tomorrow morning.”

“The Heaven’s Darkness detachment?” Fu Tian’s face was cold, the whole person was immediately dumbfounded, a few steps then walked to Ye Shijun’s body, lowered his voice and said urgently, “The Heavenly Darkness Detachment is your father’s secret army, his old man once said, without his order, no one is allowed to command the Heavenly Darkness Detachment to act privately, Shijun you …… ”

“You also know, that is my father. His things, I as a son to use what is the harm?” Ye Shijun said full of care.

“But the sky darkness detachment even his family is used to use in the most critical moment to secretly strike ah, this early exposure if not equivalent to these secrets to the public?” Fu Tian said urgently.

“Hmph, do you know that I am only one step away from catching up with Zhu Yan’er? And that step is that D*mned Han Qianqian.”

“This time, before the old hatred is removed, a new hatred is added, do you think I will give Han Qianqian a chance to live?”

Fu Tian thought for a moment and looked at Ye Shijun, and the two of them laughed grimly and coldly all at once.

In the middle of the night, in the broken temple ……