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His Destined Path Chapter 3357

Han Qianqian smiled, “Thirty percent of the force.”

Thirty percent power?

Hearing these words, Ye Shijun’s face suddenly gave a shock, and the next second he suddenly growled angrily at Han Sanqian, “Han Sanqian, are you f*cking bragging to me here? Thirty percent power?”

“Do you take me for a fool?”

Han Qianqian smiled indifferently, “Believe it or not, why don’t you try?”

“Try it, I’ll try it, I’m not afraid of you?” Ye Shijun roared in anger, followed by a fierce coalescence of black Qi between his body.

The sky suddenly changed colour, the stars and rivers were hidden, layers of black clouds came from all directions, and the sky was just about to welcome the dawn, but it was already covered by black clouds.

A roar!

A thick roar resounded through the heavens and the earth as Ye Shijun’s black aura grew thicker and thicker, and in the midst of the thick black a huge human head leapt out and roared with its mouth open behind him.

The aura was as great as the demon of Tarzan!

“Come on, Han Qianqian!” Ye Shijun’s entire body turned hideous, his eyes bloodshot and filled with bloodlust and rage.

Han Qianqian’s eyes shrank slightly, and the black and gold Qi on his body was also surging wildly.

He didn’t dare to be careless at all, for he knew very well that Ye Shijun had obviously used his full strength and offered up a killing move!

“Swarm of Devils Dance!”


The huge human head followed Ye Shijun’s angry roar, and at the same time, it also opened its mouth wide and let out a wild roar. The black clouds in the sky immediately pressed down from all sides, and directly connected with the black Qi that surged up from the ground, forming countless huge black pillars that prevented heaven and earth from being connected.

Immediately afterwards, those black pillars came towards Han Qianqian with such speed and fierceness that they were like a hundred tornado pillars.

Everywhere the black pillars pa*sed, everything was destroyed, houses, streets, everything.

The black pillars were completely destroyed by the black pillars. /p>

“This …… is simply too terrifying.”

Among the old temple, the people present have risen to support the huge barrier, but spare, the huge wind and waves still make the place a mess, the soldiers with lower cultivation are blown east and west, and those with higher cultivation have to use some buildings to barely stand.

And this was despite the fact that the black pillar had never struck this side from the beginning to the end, only pa*sing a few metres away.

“In the past, I always thought that the gap between me and a Demon Saint was not too big, and that I would be able to reach it in another hundred years or so. Venerable Bigfoot shook his head in a helpless and bitter voice.

Looking at Ye Shijun, who was wrapped in a ma*s of black qi in the sky, his eyes were filled with mixed feelings.

“Such a strike is so destructive that even if there were ten of me, not to mention one of me, I would surely be destroyed in this move. I have lived for a thousand years, but today is the first time in my life that I have seen such a wonderful and terrifying technique.”

“A group of devils dancing in chaos is really apt, it is really like a group of devils dancing in chaos.

With the words of Venerable Bigfoot, the other three experts also immediately nodded their heads one by one, sighing in admiration.

Although she was calm on the surface, she was actually anxious for Han Qianqian.

She was also a super expert, and naturally, like the four experts, she had seen much more than the others. She knew how terrifying and powerful Ye Shijun’s move that destroyed heaven and earth was, but it was precisely because she knew how powerful this move was that deep down she understood how dangerous Han Qianqian’s situation was.

Even though she had already experienced Han Qianqian’s power, Emotional Ji would never have imagined that Ye Shijun, who looked equally young, would be as fierce as he was today.

And at this moment, Han Qianqian, facing the black tornadoes coming from all directions, his entire brow had furrowed to the extreme, and those eyes of his were staring deadly at ……


Suddenly, the Qi energy on Han Qianqian’s side also completely exploded ……