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His Destined Path Chapter 3358

The black and gold light exploded directly from Han Qianqian’s body as if it had been detonated.

Afterwards, a huge golden figure expanded behind Han Qianqian, and above his head, a black devil dragon also roared into the sky, along with the four-sided heavenly beasts, and now Han Qianqian had also exploded.

Long white hair, blood-coloured pupils and eyes, surrounded by black and gold, like a god of the heavens!

“Come, fight!”

At the same time, dozens of black pillars were completely closing in on Han Qianqian from all four directions, and as they frantically attacked and rolled around, they drew close to each other and absorbed each other, forming a huge scrolling pillar with a diameter of more than ten metres.

It twisted and turned so fast that it was like a tornado, and anything in its path was bound to be destroyed.

The first time I saw it, I was able to get the most out of it. /p>

Among the black pillars.



With a burst of tearing sounds, Han Qianqian’s clothes instantly turned directly into strips of cloth and were carried away by the curling force, and the toned muscles of his body began to shatter amidst the pulling.

First the skin, then the flesh, it was as if there were tens of thousands of ferocious beasts tearing Han Qianqian’s flesh with their bloody teeth.

Enduring the immense pain, Han Qianqian violently pushed his energy.


The frosty jade armour directly appeared.


The Immortal Xuan Armour followed closely behind.

The two supreme defences protected the master in time, and within his body, the totems of the four divine beasts also fiercely appeared!


The golden body also rose up, wrapping Han Qianqian’s entire body in gold, and in the midst of this black and gigantic dragon scroll, it was like the immovable king, standing steadily.

“Little Black Stick!”


A stream of black light once again wrapped around the Immortal Xuan Armour, so much so that at this moment, the Immortal Xuan Armour was like a pair of black armour, and the fierce and incomparable black qi began to gradually slow down around the armour.

“A very strong demonic Qi.”

Almost at the same time, the Devil Dragon’s voice rang out in Han Qianqian’s head.

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything and concentrated fully on pushing the energy within his body to protect his body.

It was indeed very strong, so strong that it completely exceeded Han Qianqian’s expectations, so much so that at this moment Han Qianqian had to face it with his full attention.

“To be able to beat even you, Han Qianqian, to the point of being unable to fight back, it seems that the fellow outside is not impressive.” The Devil Dragon said softly.

“However, you aren’t bad either.”

“How can someone who can trap Laozi be comparable to others.”

“You need to hurry and get out of here, this black pillar is completely inadequate just by resisting, even if your body is perverted to another ridiculous degree.”

Han Qianqian frowned, “What do you mean?”

“The demonic pillar falls from the sky and rises from the ground, driving the demonic qi between heaven and earth, and although there are very few people who are capable of pushing it like this, once it is pushed, it will be as strong as it can be.”

“It won’t stop, because it relies on the rotation of the demonic Qi between heaven and earth, so the longer you are trapped, the harder it will be to resist, even for you.”

Breaking out?

However, some things were easier said than done, but extremely difficult.

At this moment, Han Qianqian had used almost all his strength to resist here, and although such a huge black pillar could not do anything to him under such circumstances, Han Qianqian himself did not have the extra strength to make any more extra movements.

Once he slackened and his own defences were broken, then what he would face would be a total rout, and thereafter he would be plunged into a place of no return.

“How to break through.” Han Qianqian asked in an urgent voice.

The devil dragon laughed, and then disappeared and retreated without a sound.

“f*ck you.” Han Qianqian let out a low curse, saying some nonsense, the key also caused himself to be distracted, and it was with this distraction that the outer energy defense was instantly and directly cut through by the black scroll.

Even though Han Qianqian had three major defences, he was still directly injured by the black scrolls.

Had it not been repaired in time, and with the three major defences in place, Han Qianqian was afraid that this would have been the end of the line.

However, the curses are still curses, but Han Qianqian still has to listen to what he should listen to, if this devil pillar is so perverted, staying in here is really no different from looking for death.

After all, even the strongest internal energy would always be depleted at some point, while this black pillar would never be.

But how easy is it to break out of here?

How easy could it be?

Han Qianqian’s brow was furrowed as he fell into a state of agony, exhausting all his options and thinking hard about what to do.

Suddenly, Han Qianqian seemed to have thought of something ……