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His Destined Path Chapter 3359

“Boy, do me a favour.”

Whispering softly, with a movement in his hand, the Five Elements Divine Stone directly appeared, after which, Han Qianqian punched in a bolt of energy, causing it to slightly rotate in order to help him consolidate his own defense.

At the same time, Han Qianqian ran all the energy in his body, ready to be used to break through the black pillar’s bindings.

That’s right, he was going to use the help given by the Five Elements Divine Stone to turn the current evenly matched situation around. And with such a reversal, Han Qianqian could have the time to pull himself out and launch an external onslaught.

Of course, the risk of doing this is huge, because if we focus all our efforts on breaking through, then Han’s defences will instantly become unsupported, and there is a huge uncertainty as to how long they will last.

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Once his own onslaught fails and the defensive system collapses, it will also be the time when Han Qianqian’s certain defeat will occur.

But the situation at hand is right in front of us, Han Qianqian’s choice has little room for anything else.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian gritted his teeth.

Let’s fight!

In the next second, Han Qianqian directly collected his Qi, lucked out, and then fiercely pushed all his energy, like a long dragon, sprinting madly straight towards the edge.

Within the black pillar, the wind swirled like a million knives, seemingly wanting to cut all creatures into pieces.

Even though Han Qianqian was using all his energy to get away from them, the effect was minimal.

Although Han Qianqian was moving forward, his speed had decreased several hundred times. It was only a few metres in radius, but apart from the initial sprint, Han Qianqian was almost moving forward like a tortoise, so slow that people were speechless.

At this point, however, Han Qianqian’s defences were beginning to fall apart.

The outer energy shield was almost like a water bubble without the huge energy to support it, and it was broken at the first stab.

Once the outer layer was broken, the fierce sword wind quickly rushed straight into Han Qianqian’s body.

The little black stick, which Han Qianqian had only barely recovered from the past three days, lasted for barely a few seconds before it instantly lost its colour, and the divine artefact, the Undying Xuan Armour, also began to glow dimly when it lacked energy support.

Han Qianqian only felt his skin begin to be ripped off again, and his flesh began to be torn apart, and the fierce wind of the blade even dug into his bones in a fierce scrape and slash.

Han Qianqian almost fainted from the pain, and his subconscious was telling him that he needed to transfer his energy back and defend himself.

Otherwise, it would not be long before he would be plunged into the abyss of eternal destruction.

But Han Qianqian did not do so, knowing full well that once he gave up on breaking out and chose to defend himself, he would be completely trapped here and then slowly ground to death.

It was impossible for his wounded body to launch another surprise attack, and he was already in a difficult position.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian forced himself to endure the pain, gathered all his strength again, and charged forward desperately.

On the outside, Ye Shijun smiled coldly as he watched the golden black light faintly appearing in the black pillar.

He was smart enough to know that he could not stay inside for long.

But so what?

If being smart meant not having to die, then what was the point of cultivating? Wouldn’t it be enough to cultivate wisdom?

“Stupid.” With a cold snort and a low curse, Ye Shijun was filled with disdain.

Above the ground, the Four Great Masters and the rest of the gang also clearly saw Han Qianqian’s intentions, but it was obvious that Han Qianqian’s little power was too insignificant compared to this monstrous black pillar.

There was no chance that he could charge straight out of it.

This was not in any way a felicity, but United Sympathy Ji, one of his own, thought so too.

Immediately afterwards, and indeed a moment later, the bit of light in the black pillar completely disappeared.

This also meant that even if Han Qianqian used his tenacious will for support again, it was always difficult to fish in the face of absolute power.

Just like when he was absolutely suppressing others.

At this moment, Han Qianqian in the black pillar ……