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His Destined Path Chapter 3362

Unless one can have someone to help defend oneself.

Or unless one initiates a charge instead of oneself.

This is the only way to break this deadlock.

But the question was, who would replace himself?

Han Qianqian’s excitement instantly fell back into the doldrums.

Even if he was as strong as himself, he could not move an inch in this pillar of black wind, so what else could help him?

It seemed that there was nothing.

But just as Han Qianqian was falling into despair, suddenly this guy laughed.

“sh*t, after raising a pig for so many days, it fell at the most crucial time and forgot about it.”

The Taotie of Evil!

As an ancient fierce beast, how much ability he had nowadays Han Qianqian wasn’t sure, but one thing was for sure was that since this guy came from such a big place, it was inevitable that his own strength was beyond that of ordinary people.

If he were to replace himself as the attacker, that would be the best choice.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian stopped talking and made a slight movement in his hand.

Immediately afterwards, there was a movement of consciousness in his head.


At the same time, the seemingly calm outside suddenly let out a wild roar, followed by a huge thing rushing out of the temple.

Before anyone could react, the huge thing had already taken a step into the sky and flew straight towards the black wind pillar in mid-air.

“sh*t, what’s that thing?”

“It seems to be some kind of beast, gra*s, this speed is too fast, right?”

“f*ck, what demonic bullsh*t beast, it scared the hell out of me.”

The gang was taken aback, obviously not the least bit prepared for this guy who suddenly rushed out of the temple.

It was also true that since before the gang had arrived, the Evil Taotie had been hugging the collapsed stone pillar and gnawing frantically on it, studying whether it could fit in its mouth.

After that, it had also been quietly tossing around there, not to mention that the gang hadn’t noticed, and even this Han Qianqian fellow had almost forgotten about it.

“Oh, I guess it’s Han Qianqian’s silly divine pet. It’s funny too, even if the master is stupid, even his mother’s divine pets are just as stupid. It’s obvious that the master is dying in there, and this guy is still rushing to send it in.”

“The owner is still a fool, so how much better can a divine pet be?”

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The group of people were slightly shocked afterwards, and all of them lightly laughed.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

She didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, Han Qianqian was in deep danger and it was good that someone had stepped in to help.

But the taunts of the gang were not unjustified, knowing that it was a deadly situation, so why should she give up her life in vain again?

The only thing that could give her something to hold on to was the fact that it was the Taotie of Evil.


When she reached the Pillar of Black Wind, she let out another roar that shook heaven and earth.

Ye Shijun’s eyes shrank: “Another one to die?”

As the words fell, the Evil Taotie over there also roared, and without thinking about it, he went into the black wind.

Ye Shijun smiled coldly: “It’s fine, let’s have a painful stew between your master and servant.”

The black wind suddenly seemed to be breathed back into life, and the wind became stronger again, and the entire pillar of black wind also began to grow in size.

Within the black wind, Han Qianqian had just stabilized and was instantly confronted with the steeply increasing black wind, causing Han Qianqian not to dare to take another breath and hastily pull up his energy to resist again.

“f*ck, I really don’t have to take a breath.”

With a low curse, Han Qianqian once again reopened his energy wide and held his defences to death.

He glanced at the blackened black wind in front of him, his eyes profound, “I hope all that stuff in the past three days wasn’t for nothing, Evil Taotie, you’ve got to f*cking hold out.”

This was Han Qianqian’s only saving grace, and a key factor in whether Han Qianqian could make a desperate comeback.

But even Han Qianqian had no idea whether the Evil Taotie was capable of breaking in on its own.

Waiting, waiting deeply.

Days pa*sed like years.

And I don’t know how long it took, almost when Han Qianqian was about to despair, suddenly, within sight, a black shadow slowly appeared ……