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His Destined Path Chapter 3364

At this moment, the evil Taotie suddenly moved with a fierce body, directly breaking through Han Qianqian’s energy shield, and then, with the speed of lightning, directly rushed to the bottom of the pillar of black wind.

Han Qianqian was dumbfounded, but it was too late to stop him.

What the hell was this guy doing?

Han Qianqian was shocked, he could not understand what the Evil Taotie was doing.

If it was going to charge, it should have gone forward or backward, so what the hell was it doing going straight ahead?

Han Qianqian could not understand.

He wanted to go to the rescue, but he couldn’t even protect himself, and secondly, the black wind was so strong that the Evil Taotie had just jumped down into the abyss, but had completely disappeared into the black wind.

Han Qianqian carefully recalled all the movements of the Evil Taotie earlier, trying to find some of its meaning in its body language, but I’m sorry Han Qianqian was unable to guess what it was trying to say.

Black wind to the bottom and up, through the heaven and earth, at this time they are in mid-air, down, equivalent to hundreds of meters and thousands of meters distance, across this radius of only a few meters and still almost lost half a life, if this is down, such a distance will not be completely pulverized?

Even though he hadn’t spent much time with the evil Taotie, Han Qianqian was still quite attached to this cute and reckless fellow.

Now, he has suddenly jumped down for some reason, but in the end, it was to save himself that he came to such a predicament.

Han Qianqian really felt guilty.

However, just when Han Qianqian was in a state of overwhelming guilt and sadness, suddenly he seemed to feel something different.

The wind had become smaller.

He looked up and saw that perhaps, just like earlier, Ye Shijun knew that he had won again and was deliberately slowing down to torment himself.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian lowered his head in dismay.

But a moment later, he suddenly lifted his head again, and with it, his brow furrowed.

Something was wrong.

The wind force, it was still getting smaller.

Unlike the previous decrease, which had reached a fixed peak and remained there, it now seemed to be decreasing, weakening in an orderly fashion, and dropping all the way to its lowest value.

What is even more terrifying is that the wind is still not slowing down even though it has reached its lowest value, it is decaying, even ……

There is a vague feeling that it is going to stop.

Ye Shijun?

Has he made sure to kill himself and the Evil Taotie, so he’s planning to drop his big move? But that’s not right, he’s clearly still alive and well, he shouldn’t be able to stop.

Was he too arrogant?

Perhaps Fu Tian would, but it was unlikely that Ye Shijun would.

Otherwise, he would not have had to bring so many people to besiege him, and he had even joined forces with the four great experts of the Zhu family, which he obviously did not have to do with his skills today.

Wasn’t he doing this because he wanted to come and mess himself up peacefully and without a flaw? How could he have been so careless?

Then, since he hadn’t done it, who could it be?

Han Qianqian could not think of anyone or any possibility.

The only people who could help her now were Emotional Girl and Demon North Heaven, but not to mention their own missions, their cultivation alone was simply not enough to shake Ye Shijun’s fierce pillar of black wind.

So who could it be?

At this time, Ye Shijun outside was almost as thoroughly puzzled as Han Qianqian.

That’s right, the Pillar of Black Wind he really hadn’t planned to withdraw his power at all, and even just now he had tried to strengthen his magic power inside in order to make not an inch of gra*s grow inside the pillar and completely wipe out all creatures, including Han Qianqian.

He didn’t want to take nine out of ten, he wanted to take ten out of ten.

But to his confusion, the pillar of black wind caused by the swarm of demons only lasted for a few moments of frantic strengthening under his own power boost, after which it completely began to go into decline and slowly began to have a stopping moment all the way.

The first time I saw the film, I was able to see that the film was a very good example of how to make the film work. /p>

He did not understand why this was the case, and he tried to add energy to it several times during the period, trying to re-energize the pillar of black wind, but to his immense dismay, no matter how hard he pushed, the pillar of black wind but as if it was not even under his control, it was still doing what it was doing.

“How …… can this happen?”