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His Destined Path Chapter 3366


Ye Shijun could hardly believe his own eyes, he had already cultivated the Group Devil Dance to the Zhenhua realm, it was completely impossible for any mistakes to occur.

But why did it not stop at all?

Unwillingly, Ye Shijun struck again with energy in his hands.



Three times!

He couldn’t even count how many times, his whole forehead was already drenched in sweat, but he still refused to stop, like an indirect madman, frantically trying to make the Pillar of Black Wind turn again.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the Pillar of Black Wind still did not have any possibility of starting up.

Ye Shijun was completely dumbfounded.

On the ground, the group of people were all originally happy, and when they saw Ye Shijun’s crazy actions in mid-air at this moment, they couldn’t help but wonder one after another.

What was he doing?

However, just as everyone was puzzled, someone in the crowd suddenly shouted out, “Look, you guys.”

With this yell, everyone couldn’t help but look to the side once again, and in a flash they exploded.

“Holy sh*t, isn’t that Han …… Han 3000?”

“What? That little …… son is actually still alive?”

“How is this possible?!”

When everyone saw Han Qianqian standing steadily in the black wind that had stopped, they could not help but stare at each other as if they had seen a ghost.

All the smiles from before were frozen on their faces, and they were completely dumbfounded.

Zhu Yanshuo was like a sculpture of ice, not moving at all.

After a long time, he stumbled violently and nearly fell to the ground!

This ……

Han Qianqian raised his head slightly, even he was a little bewildered at this point, and he didn’t understand why the black wind had suddenly stopped.

It was perfectly capable of trapping itself, but why ……

he didn’t understand either.


Until then, a beast roar broke his daze, and even caused the entire crowd, who were almost petrified, to snap awake.

Looking down, on top of the ground, a huge monster lay prone, its huge mouth opening and closing, and countless black gas was going from his open mouth bit by bit to his stomach continuously.

Han Qianqian suddenly laughed.

He understood.

He completely understood.

He knew what the Evil Taotie was talking about with that blind gesture, and he finally knew why the Evil Taotie had run out of its own energy circle and probed madly all the way down.

It wasn’t that it was looking for death, but that he had his own completely different plan.

This creature looked at the Pillar of Black Wind in a completely different light than himself; to Han Qianqian, these were deadly mana attacks, but in its eyes, or at least in the eyes of a foodie, that was a completely different story.

Speaking of which, Han Qianqian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Originally, he had been touched that this creature had rushed in to save him, but now it seemed that Han Qianqian was feeling a bit self-serving.

The purpose of its dash down was simply to observe from a foodie’s point of view, and finding that a large amount of energy was rising from the bottom, and in the spirit that what was in the pot must be more delicious than what was in the bowl, this creature, after explaining to Han Qianqian in general, ignored Han Qianqian’s understanding and did not understand, and dived straight into what was for it “a paradise of food.”

Yes, the fierceness of the black wind was indeed beyond Han Qianqian’s expectation, and even Han Qianqian himself had difficulty in moving forward in such a situation.

But the evil Taotie is different, as an ancient beast, although it is not as brave as it was in the past, but the thin camel is also bigger than the horse, this one is after all a real ancient beast.

Whether or not it could beat others was a matter of growth, but its own skin was not an easy task for others to kill it.

“It’s over, it’s over?” Han Qianqian withdrew his gaze and looked at Ye Shijun indifferently.

There was only a faint smile on Han Qianqian’s face, but it was this smile that was most capable of killing the heart.

“No, no, it’s impossible, you can’t be!” Ye Shijun roared hysterically, finding it hard to believe the reality in front of him.

The first time I saw this was when I was a young man, and I was a young woman. /p>

Han Qianqian gently bitter smile, then, slowly from among the dying black wind, slowly walked out ……