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His Destined Path Chapter 3365

Confusion, the unknown, incomprehension, everything filled Ye Shijun’s mind.

However, at this moment on the ground, the crowd did not notice any of the clues, and when they saw that the pillar of black wind had become weaker and weaker, and even tended to stop, they were filled with joy.

To them, the stopping of the pillar of black wind meant that the battle was over, and the end of the battle naturally meant that their enemies had said goodbye to the world, and they were happy to have their revenge.

They were all smiling and happy, and there were no more words to express their feelings.

Zhu Yan Shuo let out a long breath of relief, and with a smile on his face, he looked at his sister who was looking at Ye Shijun with fascination in her eyes, smiled gently and walked over with a few steps.

“What’s wrong? Dumbfounded looking at your intended?” Zhu Yanshuo gently laughed.

Zhu Yan’er was obviously still immersed in looking at Ye Shijun, and surprisingly did not reflect it for a while, as Zhu Yanshuo gently tapped his big hand on her shoulder, she then snapped awake, startled and at the same time, seeing that smile of her own brother, she immediately blushed scarlet: “Brother, what are you doing.”

“How?” Zhu Yanshuo swept a glance at Ye Shijun in the sky.

“Sloppy.” Zhu Yan’er did not admit it on her lips, but inside she was already stirring.

How could Zhu Yan’er’s heart not be stirred by the fact that he was rich and had a strong family background, and crucially, he was also quite capable of directly defeating the famous so-called fierce man from the sky right out of the gate, and from then on, he would be crowned king and become a minister with an unlimited future?

“The man my brother chose for you is not bad, and it’s good that you like it now. At least my brother didn’t waste his time in making sure you had more contact with him.” Zhu Yanshuo was also happy.

Originally, Han Qianqian was the best choice for his brother-in-law, but how could he have imagined that, by mistake, a better one would come along, which was really the luck of his Zhu family, and it was also his Zhu Yanshuo’s wise eyes that recognized the hero.

“Thank you, brother.” Zhu Yan’er nodded, unable to hide her happiness.

“You’re welcome, silly sister, brother has always loved you, in the selection of a husband naturally do not dare to carelessly, as the groom as the groom as the groom, as the point is.” Zhu Yanshuo said with a smile.

Zhu Yan’er nodded and stopped talking.

Zhu Yanshuo was also in a good mood, wanting to find a good husband for his sister was indeed true, this had always been his wish.

However, by now, his heart’s desire was the same, only that it had been inverted in nature.

In the past, when his sister was ugly, he only wished to find someone of good character and virtue to take good care of his sister. Now, as his sister has become beautiful, his demands and desires have naturally been infinitely enlarged.

In a way, he was now more eager to sell his sister for a good price.

Previously it was Han Qianqian, a divine being from heaven, but now it is Ye Shijun, the son of Ye, who is more favourable to him.

He was extremely satisfied and pleased with himself.

However, there was still a small end to the affair, and that was the mistress and the woman named Xia Wei in the distance in front of him.

He would be able to develop his own Cailuo City and rely on his “brother-in-law’s” connections to grow bigger and stronger, after he kept Xia Wei in custody and then killed the traitors like Emotional Girl.

When he thought of this, a cold light flashed in Zhu Yanshuo’s eyes, making the distant Emotional Girl’s heart tremble.


Just at that moment, over there, the wind stopped.

The huge black wind pillar also began to enter its final spinning tail body in the turn of a breath, but it should only be a matter of time before it stopped.

And as the black wind stopped, the scene inside the pillar began to slowly reveal itself.

Although it was still very blurred, some general shadows could be vaguely seen inside at this time.

Suddenly, Ye Shijun’s eyes chilled as he was dismayed to find that a figure was still standing there in the black wind.

Han Qianqian, he wasn’t dead yet!

What on earth was this dog built of? Even in the midst of his own swarm of demons, he could actually last so long?!

The only thing that I can say is that I’m not sure if this is the case. /p>

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

If he did not kill Han Qianqian, how could he relieve his heart’s hatred?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

However, to his dismay, the pillar of black wind still did not show any sign of being reenergized, instead, it came to a complete stop with a creaking sound ……