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His Destined Path Chapter 3369

As soon as the words fell, the four experts led by the men really stopped on the spot.

This made Ye Shijun very angry, when the enemy was at hand, these fools actually listened to the enemy’s words.

“Stupid, why do you care about him? He wants a whole body, do you really want to let them have a whole body?” He wants a body.

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The four masters were stunned, and had been confused by Han Qianqian was in the clouds, timid even, once he said wait, himself and others actually really f*cking outrageous to the point of stopping, after looking at each other, the four once again regrouped, and right now, they were going to attack straight away.

“What kind of corpse do you want to leave me with? It’s not clear who will die and who will live.” Han Qianqian laughed softly, “Asking you to stop is also for your safety.”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, give me a go.” Ye Shijun shouted coldly.

Although he was not the one who directly governed the four experts, the four experts were all aware that even Zhu Yanshuo, their direct leader, had to obey him, and they naturally did not dare to disobey.

However, for some reason, the four of them did not move a muscle, but looked at Han Qianqian and waited for him to say something else.

Ye Shijun was so angry that he was about to explode on the spot, but Han Qianqian, who was not far away, smiled in satisfaction: “Children can be taught, it’s not in vain that I reminded you of my good intentions.”

“One question for you, are you coming up here to beat me or to beat it?” With these words, Han Qianqian pointed his finger at the Evil Taotie, obviously the latter’s it was referring to the Evil Taotie.

Several people looked at each other, including a group of expert soldiers behind them also looked at each other.

This is indeed a good question, coming up to help, it is inevitable to choose one to attack, near to relieve Ye Shijun’s pressure.

But if it came to the question of who to choose, these guys really hadn’t thought carefully about it.

“How about picking me?” Han Qianqian laughed contemptuously.

Once they heard this, although the gang did not explicitly refuse, they were mentally beating a retreat.

Fighting Han Qianqian? Obviously not a good choice.

After all, this man was a fierce man who had slaughtered the Demon Cloud Ghost City, and if they had not seen the slaughter with their own eyes and could not perceive the horror of it, then the fact that he had walked out from Ye Shijun’s strike that had destroyed the heavens and the earth was a real and complete accomplishment in front of everyone’s eyes.

For even if there were many of them, who could guarantee that they would win?

Who could guarantee that they would not be caught by Han Qianqian in the process?

If either of those things happened, it would be a f*cking disaster for anyone present.

“If you guys are smart, you shouldn’t be coming at me, so you’ll have to pick my divine pet.” Han Qianqian smiled.

The gang didn’t say anything, but the look in their eyes pretty much said the answer to everything, and it was only now that their positions were different and the atmosphere was different, or else the gang would have really subconsciously nodded straight ahead.

Everyone knows that the persimmon has to pick the soft one to pinch, and it is obvious that this group of people is not stupid either. In comparison to Han Qianqian, that guy is only a god pet, and he’s just a little bit meaner, but he’s obviously much better than Han Qianqian, a pervert.

After all, even though Han Qianqian’s divine pet may be stronger than most people’s, it’s only a divine pet after all, and what does a divine pet mean?

In that case, it must not be as perverted as Han Qianqian in terms of ability, and if Han Qianqian had taken it a long time ago, then naturally the beast’s ability would have been greatly reduced, which was the best of all worlds for them.

“I knew you guys were going to pick it.” Han Qianqian nodded, “It’s a common human feeling, if it were me, I’d choose the same way, after all, who can’t live with living.”

“But ……”

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The people of Ye Shijun were all about to explode with anger, because it was obvious that this b*****d Han Qianqian was playing a trick on them.

However, these D*mn fools were really hooked, and they were listening with rapt attention.

“But what?” Old Immortal Phoenix Rooster asked, baring his mouth for a moment.

“But you’re a f*cking fart, give me a go!” Ye Shijun once again urged in an angry voice.

With those words, the gang didn’t dare to disobey, but Han Qianqian’s side also opened up, “But its name, you might want to know it, it’s called ……”

“The Taotie of Evil!”

At this point, the good scene began ……