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His Destined Path Chapter 3370

The soldiers behind them, having heard Ye Shijun’s angry urging, came back to their senses and rushed forward on the spot.

But the four masters in front of them froze, not moving forward, but subconsciously backing up.

The team, which had been well trained and powerful, not only did not charge forward with a bang, but they were embarra*sed to have a crash.

The first thing that happened was that the government was able to get a lot of money to spend on the project. /p>

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“City Lord Zhu’s Cailu elite soldiers and what Fu Ye two experts can be really strong, ah, huh, the moment they come up to show us a different way of attack, Emotional Ji is only a few years old, and would like to let City Lord Zhu to teach us what kind of warfare and formation it is, quite strange.” Emotional Girl had long been fed up with the smugness and cold words of these people, and now that there was a change of momentum on the field, she would not let go of such a good opportunity.

When he heard Emotional Girl’s taunts, Zhu Yanshuo was furious, but he had no words to refute them, so he could only glare at Emotional Girl to declare his anger.

With a slight wave of his hand, one of his subordinates came over and Zhu Yan Shuo barked softly, “Go up and see what the hell is going on.”

“Yes.” The subordinate took orders, and with a flying body, he headed straight for the mid-air.

In mid-air, in the face of Ye Shijun’s fury, none of the four experts cared even a single glance, but looked at Han Qianqian in fear, and at the evil Taotie that was resting in mid-air, leering at them with one eye.

The Evil Taotie!

Perhaps the young people behind them had not heard of this name, but for the four of them, who had been involved in the demon race for years, this name was not only familiar, it was a thunderbolt.

That was the top of the ancient beasts.

It was an existence at the ceiling of the beast world.

There are so many legends about it.

Only, it had disappeared for an unknown period of time and was gradually forgotten in the river of time.

But forgetting and non-existence are two concepts, the latter being nothingness, while the former has only been gone for too long.

So what it will trigger once it appears will be a re-taking up of memories, a reawakening of fears hidden deep inside.

“Back the f*ck up.” The Old Fairy of the Phoenix Rooster bellowed in a cold voice towards the many soldiers crowding up behind him, bellowing in anger at his body.

“That’s the f*cking Evil Taotie, the ancient beast, are you looking for death?” Venerable Bigfoot roared likewise.

The group of soldiers looked at each other in disbelief as they were scolded, turning back to re-solidify their forms while looking at the monster in the distance with some confusion.

Naturally, they didn’t recognise it, but simply looking at the performance of the four great masters made them feel as if the monster wasn’t to be messed with.

“If you are all part of the Demon Race, then the Evil Taotie is one of the spokespersons of the Demon Race, in that case, do you b*****ds understand?” The Black Mountain Demon Princess shouted coldly.

At this moment, a group of soldiers immediately understood its meaning, no one dared to take another step forward, instead, they obediently retreated towards the back little by little.

They did not understand the concept of the Evil Taotie, but they knew very well the concept of the spokesman of the demon race, what kind of thing could represent a race and a group of evil people, it must be the evil of the evil people.

“What the f*ck are you doing? The Taotie of Evil? What the hell is the Evil Taotie, he says, and you believe him?” Ye Shijun shouted sharply.

At almost the same time, the subordinate who had been urged by Zhu Yanshuo to come up to inquire about the situation also arrived at the scene, and looking at the four masters and the crowd of scared soldiers, he could not help but be dissatisfied: “What are you all doing? Lord Zhu City is already quite unhappy about this and has ordered me to come up to supervise the investigation, so why don’t you hurry up?”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Shijun and said, “Please don’t be angry, envoy Ye, I will tell them to attack immediately.”

The four masters naturally knew that he was Zhu Yan Shuo’s close friend, and did not dare to reprimand him at will, but only took a few steps to walk up to him, then, whispered something in his ear, then, the b*****d suddenly froze, and the next second ……