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His Destined Path Chapter 3373

Han Qianqian cracked a smile and gestured for him to continue.

Ye Shijun took a slight step back and looked at Han Qianqian strangely, he did not understand, with the magic qi he cultivated by his special method, it was already the strongest qi, but why, against Han Qianqian, not only did he not experience the slightest advantage of the purity of his own magic qi, but ……

The actual fact is that you will have a feeling that you’re falling into a disadvantage?

This is not possible, it is impossible.

The method he used was also known as the most poisonous method in the world, and this guy in front of him, what makes him?

“Are you very unconvinced?” Han Qianqian laughed.

Ye Shijun’s skills were indeed extraordinary, especially this guy’s demonic qi, which had not only become unusually fierce in such a short period of time, but most importantly, the purity of the demonic qi was simply far beyond Han Qianqian’s imagination.

The most important thing was the purity of the demonic energy, which was far beyond Han Qianqian’s imagination. Han Qianqian could even say that since he entered the Demon Land, this guy was definitely the strongest and purest demonic energy he had ever fought with, bar none.

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The first time I looked at the entire eight worlds of Han Qianqian’s past encounters, there were definitely not many that could be similar to it.

The good thing, however, is that Han Qianqian is not far behind now.


Although Ye Shijun is fierce, unfortunately, bad luck, met with the wrong people, not only the Avenue Fangcheng did not come out to successfully pretend, but directly at once by a certain person’s starting point plucked extremely high, directly hit the wall.

Naturally, it is not surprising that there is now some doubt about the self.

“You’re just a mongrel of the earth, with your body and talent, how could you possibly have a breath stronger than mine? Han Qianqian, what kind of underhanded tricks did you use?” Ye Shijun shouted coldly.

Han Qianqian shook his head helplessly, “Is it hard to admit that someone else is better than you? What are you, a mongrel of the earth?”

“Are you going to say it or not?” Ye Shijun shouted coldly.

Naturally, he did not believe that Han Qianqian had any ability to be stronger than him in terms of the purity of his power, he only wanted to believe that Han Qianqian must have used some kind of treasure.

After all, trash was trash, but there was good luck after all, just like the Pan Gu Axe in his hand.

“Hehe.” Han Qianqian laughed openly, “This does not know the thought that you won, a mouth to say is not to say, tell you a clear answer, I do not say, what can you do?”

“You ……” Ye Shijun was furious.

For a long time, he had been in charge of the Fu and Ye families, and even outside, with his current connections, he had long been respected everywhere, so naturally, he could not change his arrogance for a while.

Han Qianqian didn’t panic at all, and even changed his previous attacking and defending momentum, instead he simply used his speed and footwork to dodge constantly.

The humiliation was almost written on his face.

What Han Qianqian wanted was Ye Shijun’s anger and frustration.

Once a person loses his mind, even though he will enhance his fighting power because of his anger, he will easily reveal his shortcomings because he is not in control.

As for the other side of the battle, although the Evil Taotie was not very strong nowadays, it was able to fight the four masters and the elites on equal footing because of the demonic energy it had swallowed.

Of course, the most important point here is Han Qianqian’s slight trick.

Or maybe it was the attack on their hearts.

Han Qianqian told the four experts in advance that it was the Evil Taotie, naturally not a kind reminder, and certainly not idle.

He did this, naturally, in order to make these guys after hearing the name of the Evil Taotie, fear when fighting, so that the Evil Taotie’s side can not say that the victory is secure, but at least it is tilting the scales of victory towards it a lot.

The fact is just as Han Qianqian expected, the four experts already have their own thoughts, now facing the legendary beast although bitterly ordered to fight hard, but everyone is worried about being injured by it, more a kind of work but not effort look.

With the battle being delayed over there, Han Qianqian naturally had enough time to fight Ye Shijun one-on-one.

As Ye Shijun attacked with even more ferocity, all kinds of explosions were once again heard in the mid-air, as the nebulae shifted and the heavens and earth changed!

In the sky, wild thunder struck, lightning blazed wildly, but just at the time of this thunder, everything, suddenly came to a standstill ……