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His Destined Path Chapter 3372

The whole field roars in unison, shaking heaven and earth.

The trumpet of death was like an order to die, if anyone did not obey it, they would be killed as if they had defected.

On the ground, those who were a little less advanced or responsible for ground attack and defence had already moved quickly after the trumpet sounded, while in mid-air, the four masters and a group of elites were also a little panicked.

“Going up is death, not going up is also death. But at least, if we go up with a bang, we still have a chance to win, or if we fail and go down, we still have a chance to live, but if we disobey the death order, we will all be executed.” The Black Mountain Demon Lady said in a cold voice.

The three masters did not utter a word, but looked at the evil Taotie not far ahead with gritted teeth and nodded.

“Where are the generals!” Black Mountain Demon Princess bellowed angrily.


Although the voices behind them were clearly lacking in mid-air, what was at least victorious was that the guys were finally unified in their calibre.

“Divide into four teams, surround and attack hard from four directions, follow me and charge!”

With these words, the four masters took the initiative and charged at the Evil Taotie in four directions in a direct encirclement style.

Seeing that these four b*****ds had finally made their move, Ye Shijun wasn’t idle over there either, speeding up and attacking directly towards Han Qianqian as well.

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The four masters also led their elite soldiers to attack the Evil Taotie. The Evil Taotie did not panic in the slightest, and with a cry of anger, he pounced directly like a lion and a tiger.

In the middle of the sky, there were explosions and spells of all kinds.

The brightness of the sky was completely ignored in favour of the brightness of these spell explosions.

The air currents generated by the explosions even reached the ground, so much so that the huge city of Cailuo was in a state of slow vibration.

By now, a large number of the city’s inhabitants had already stopped in front of their gates to watch, and even though they were far away, they could still feel the explosions in mid-air!

“What is this? Has someone attacked the city?”

A group of people were pointing and pointing, really unsure.

“Has anyone attacked Cairn with so few men and horses? I have a friend who lives not far from where this happened, and I heard that it was Lord Zhu who brought the VIP who had just arrived recently to attack the Skyfall Godmen in one fell swoop.”

“Didn’t the Gods of Heavenfall help us destroy the Demon Cloud Ghost City? The Lord of Zhu City was extremely excited and held a big feast to thank him for his kindness, so how could there be a fight?”

“I heard people say, after the match, Zhu City Lord’s sister was taken away by the god man, early the next morning, his sister was taken back from the inn alone by the man Zhu City Lord’s people, I guess, the god man is also a flirt, eat all but do not admit, the two sides fight.”

A speech, the side is surprised, but carefully thought, but is extremely reasonable.

And at this time, a woman in the crowd, after glancing at the bystanders, quietly retreated, if Han Qianqian was here at this time, he would certainly be able to recognize who this woman was.


And almost at the same time as this woman retreated, there was another violent explosion in mid-air, and the super strong aftermath of the explosion descended directly from the sky, pressing down directly in a way that was almost visible to the naked eye.


The wave lifted, the crowd fell, and all sorts of things sat on the roadside as it lifted, and it wasn’t just here, it was almost everywhere else around.

“This is too f*cking violent, isn’t it?”

Someone climbed up and looked at the explosion in mid-air and exclaimed!

The distance between them was several thousand metres, but they were still affected by the aftermath.

They were not the only ones who sighed that it was too fierce, as Zhu Yanshuo and the others who were defending the area directly below them also cried out that they could not withstand it, and a large area of people were directly slapped to the ground by the downward wave of Qi, making them gnaw on the mud.

Some of them were even worse than those in the centre, and were directly knocked to the ground, where they slid several metres away, dizzy and screaming in agony.

Almost at the same time, the two men who caused the explosion in mid-air retreated from the explosion.

Both of them had their breath raging and their auras were wide open, but the expressions on their faces were different.

Han Qianqian was laughing, while Ye Shijun was horrified: “No, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, you …… your breath ……”