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His Destined Path Chapter 3385

As Han Qianqian stood up, Ye Shijun and Fu Tian on the ground unconsciously kowtowed even harder, fearing that Han Qianqian was in the mood to pay tribute to his brother and would take it out on them if something went wrong.

In other words, they didn’t even care about their faces, so what else would they care about?

The other elite soldiers also got up with Han Qianqian and took a few steps back.

They were still terrified of Han Qianqian, the “murderous butcher”, but their retreat was not only out of fear, but also out of respect.

Everyone respects a man of righteousness, let alone a “master” like Han Qianqian who treats his subordinates as brothers.

At least, this was the kind of “wise master” they were looking forward to meeting in their hearts.

When he locked his gaze on Zhu Yanshuo, he scared him, “What’s wrong, do you need someone to rush you now?”

“Again or are you testing my patience?”

Han Qianqian’s words scared Zhu Yanshuo so much that his face turned pale, he didn’t know what else this madman would do when he went crazy.

He swept a glance at Zhu Yan’er and gestured for her to come to his side.

Zhu Yan’er didn’t know what her brother was up to at that moment and shook her head frantically to refuse.

Her heart was ashen and tears were falling down her pretty cheeks as the man she wanted to use was beaten down, not only did he not raise her eyebrows as she thought he would, but he was now at her mercy and humiliated like a dog, and this made her face look bad. The expectations and fondness that had arisen in her heart had been crushed out of her.

This made her desperate, but even more desperate was the fact that she was now about to lose her beautiful face and revert to the ugly state in which even she had disliked herself.

“A person’s beauty or ugliness is given by their parents and may not be reversible, but the heart is their own, and their ugliness or beauty is something they can control. Han Qianqian swept a cold glance at her, and then, he placed his gaze on Zhu Yanshuo’s body.

“The Zhu family has a unique technique of changing the exchange, I need to borrow the broken temple for a while.”

With those words, Zhu Yanshuo turned his face to the side, unable to bear looking at his sister, and then, with a wave of his hand, he let a few attendants escort his sister slowly towards the inside of the broken temple.

Han Qianqian also nodded at Emotion Ji, gesturing for her to take Xia Wei into the house.

Just as they reached the door, Han Qianqian opened his mouth, “Wait a moment.”

A glimmer of hope flashed inside Zhu Yan’er’s heart, and she looked back at Han Qianqian with bated breath, where was her previous arrogance and complacency?

“You’ve been using ecstasy to keep my friend’s body in a weakened state, you better have some magic pill to make her recover quickly, otherwise, if you change your face and come back, what she is, your sister is what she is.” With those words, Han Qianqian shifted his eyes elsewhere, not looking at the Zhu family siblings at all.

He was the city lord of Cailuo City, and there was the largest underground black market for all kinds of transactions, so naturally he, the city lord, could not do without good things.

The fact that her sister had turned ugly was irrevocable, and ensuring her personal safety was the least he could do as a brother right now.

After all, Han Qianqian is such a ruthless person, and although he claims to want to make his sister look like Xia Wei internally, Xia Wei is in a coma at the moment, so who knows what kind of cruelty Han Qianqian will inflict.

It is possible that if she is not handled properly, her sister will even lose her life.

Therefore, despite the great cost, Zhu Yan Shuo was determined to keep his sister safe.

As they entered the temple, Ye Shijun and Futian finally let out a long breath, and after they stopped kowtowing, they sat slumped like two tired hobbits.

In the temple, when Zhu Yan Shuo and his group entered, only a few moments later, the golden light in the room began to shine brightly, and after a few minutes, the golden light in the room began to dissipate.

After a few more minutes, a group of people slowly walked out ……