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His Destined Path Chapter 3386

“Wow ……”

When the two women came out first, the scene, which had an unusually depressing atmosphere, came alive again, with bursts of exclaiming incessantly.

Even Han Qianqian, who was looking back sideways, could not help but be dumbfounded at this point.

He had already seen enough of Xia Wei’s face, after all, he had been used to seeing it for many days, and even before entering the temple, Zhu Yan’er had been wearing this face in front of Han Qianqian’s eyes.

But sometimes the world’s creations are so magical that the same face on Zhu Yan’er’s body can transform her into a top-notch beauty, but on Xia Wei’s body, the original mate, there is no need to describe her as a top-notch beauty anymore.

It was like adding a series of top beauties to the top.

The body and the looks simply matched each other to the extreme, absolutely not a hair more, not a hair less, so much so that one could not help but marvel at how perfect the world could be.

It is simply too beautiful.

Even Han Qianqian could not help but reveal a smile.

There was the joy of reunion, as well as a kind of enjoyment and appreciation of beauty.

In comparison, Emotion Ji was already considered a great beauty, plus her unique temperament made her even more charming, but because she was standing next to Xia Wei, Emotion Ji not only did not show the slightest bit of beauty, but was not even considered ordinary, instead it was magically an ugly.

“This is too beautiful, isn’t it?”

The gang was all dumbfounded.

Perhaps the physical impulse and the spiritual impulse would be easily dismissed as obscene words, then it was actually reflecting the greatest respect for beauty in some very strange ways.

And at this point in the room, no one who was a man could fail to feel a dry taste in his mouth.

“sh*t, I’ve never seen such a beautiful looking woman before, just now Miss Zhu made me think that it was already the ceiling of women’s beauty, but now …… she’s shattered my opinion.”

“No wonder the seemingly quite righteous Lord Zhu City would do such nasty things behind his back, actually it seems normal when you think about it, if I were him, I might not have done something even more heartless for this great beauty, after all, this woman is worth any risk ah, including taking old man’s life.”

“f*ck, it’s so superb that you can’t find a single flaw in her, plus she has that unique aura, sh*t, I can’t stand it, the world is so f*cking unfair, isn’t it? It’s all born and bred, there can be a gap between beauty and ugliness, but such a big gap is really too f*cking bullsh*t, right?”

A bunch of people lamented or sighed or lingered, all with their own thoughts and opinions, but the one thing that never changed was that everyone was unanimous in their recognition of extreme beauty.

As the saying goes, there are people who find this beauty beautiful, while others may find it not so beautiful. After all, we all have different points, so naturally our views are different.

But only in Xia Wei’s case, there was not a single dissimilarity, or rather, it was her all-round superb beauty that satisfied all kinds of aesthetic needs and made it impossible for people to pick any fault at all.

Fu Tian and Ye Shijun, who had been lying on the ground, were taking the opportunity to catch their breath, but because of Xia Wei’s appearance, they shut up for a while.

It was too beautiful, too beautiful indeed.

The same face, but the difference is still so huge.

Not only was Ye Shijun dumbfounded, but even Fu Tian, the old b*****d, suddenly felt as if he was a few dozen years younger, and even had a vague stirring in his heart.

Ye Shijun’s teeth were clenched, his mood was unusually complicated.

He must admit that Xia Wei’s appearance was like a cat tugging at his heartstrings, making it impossible for him to sit still at all, but also because of Xia Wei’s excessive beauty, in order to add countless more hatred to his heart.

She …… was Han Qianqian’s friend!

Especially, when Xia Wei saw Han Qianqian standing not far away at this moment, she laughed, laughing so much that everyone was almost mesmerized, but also laughing so much that Ye Shijun was frantic.

Because he could see that Xia Wei was not only laughing, but what was important was the way she looked at Han Qianqian, exactly the same kind of look.

But what made his spirit completely destroyed is not this, but at this moment, from the broken temple Zhu Yan Shuo brother and sister ……