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His Destined Path Chapter 3389

The first time she heard Han Qianqian’s words, Xia Wei laughed, but not because she was safe and secure, but simply because Han Qianqian had his own solution, as she had expected.

The other people looked at Han Qianqian with great curiosity, especially Emotional Ji, who had not had much contact with Han Qianqian, so she did not know how terrifying Han Qianqian was when he was in a desperate situation, and said suspiciously, “This is a matter of life and death, and it is possible that we will all die here, don’t make a joke of it?”

Han Qianqian shook his head helplessly, “You think I don’t know what it means if I fail? Do you think I don’t know how badly Ye Shijun and Zhu Yanshuo want us to fail?”

“To be honest, the search we are going to face next can be directly described as a hellish set.”

“Or put it this way, if digging up the ground is normally an adjective, then now, in the days to come in this Cailuo City, it’s definitely not an adjective, but an absolutely, absolutely true example.”

This was not any exaggeration, nor was it any description; if they really could not find themselves in Cailuo City, Han Qianqian believed that with Zhu Yanshuo’s sickness and Ye Shijun’s anger, they would really do so, turning Cailuo City upside down, inch by inch.

So much so, in fact, that there could be no place for them in Cailuo City at all.

“If you knew that was the case, why didn’t you let them let us out before releasing them when you made the deal?” Emotion Ji asked, frowning.

This was a good question, with Han Qianqian’s shrewdness, would he not have thought of this?

Not to mention him, even a dumb bandit would know to hold a hostage for use as an escape, it was all a matter of basic common sense.

But there was a reason why Han Qianqian did not do so.

The more he demanded too much, the more Zhu Yanshuo would think about it. A man like Zhu Yanshuo could throw away his usual gentle and polite veil completely for his sister, and you can’t guarantee whether he would really care that much about Ye Shijun’s life and death in a situation of utter desperation.

A rabbit will bite when it’s desperate, not to mention that Zhu Yanshuo is not a rabbit at all, but the kind of vicious dog that bites without even making a sound.

Therefore, Han Qianqian must leave him a stall, and this stall Han Qianqian can not tell him, with his intelligence will be mistaken for a moment, but once he thinks about it will be completely into this stall.

Naturally, in the stall he had his thoughts, and naturally he was not too bothered about any of Han Qianqian’s demands within the stall, and for him anyway, the bottom line he kept in.

So whether Han Qianqian chopped off Ye Shijun’s and Futian’s arms or threatened to make her sister look like Xia Wei, for Ye Shijun, it was all within the realm of anger but also bearable.

This was the benefit of the stall.

It would make it easier for Han Qianqian to bring everyone back safely, and it would also make it easier for Han Qianqian to even take the opportunity to accomplish a certain degree of petty revenge.

This is a great way to get the most out of the situation. /p>

Of course, the risk of this stall Han Qianqian is also very clear, that is, once waiting for Zhu Yanshuo to grasp the absolute initiative, then the siege of Han Qianqian is bound to be crazy and extremely frightening.

This point, Han Qianqian can say is very clear.

After hearing this, the whole person was not puzzled in the slightest, but instead became even more anxious, since this was the case, was there any use in saying anything else?

“How can it be useless?” Han Qianqian smiled, “The harder they come, the happier I am, because in this case if they pounced, how much of a blow would this be to their physical and psychological well-being?”

Yes, if the other side can’t even find anyone yet in that case, it’s bound to fall apart in a heap.

But the premise was that the other side would not be able to find them, but where else could there possibly be room for them in Cailuo City?

Han Qianqian smiled faintly and looked at the Mountain Piercing Armour.

Piercing Mountain Armour gave a bitter laugh and said, “It looks like a dead end, but unfortunately that Zhu Yanshuo doesn’t know what is actually the real point for Han Qianqian.”

With those words, Han Qianqian smiled, “It’s your turn to perform…”