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His Destined Path Chapter 3390

The piercing beast nodded and then took out the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

Han Qianqian walked up to his ear and said, “With your current ability, how deep can you drill?”

“About a hundred metres.” The Mountain Penetrator said.

Han Qianqian nodded, and then, with a movement in his hand, he sent out the secret signal he had given earlier with Demon Beitian and the others.

It was only about a few minutes later that Demon Beitian arrived with thousands of brothers from the two sects with a bang, but, looking at Demon Beitian’s situation, it was clear that the situation was not good.

“Holy sh*t, why didn’t you call me when the fight was so intense just now, I wanted to rush out with my men several times.” Devil Beitian’s voice said before his people arrived.

“But, don’t talk to me about that now, once our people moved, the gang from Cailuo City should have noticed it too, let’s go.”

As he spoke, Demon Beitian had already rushed to Han Qianqian’s front, and immediately afterwards, without waiting for Han Qianqian to speak, he tugged Han Qianqian and tried to flee ahead.

However, Demon Beitian was very depressed, because when he pulled Han Sanqian, not only did he not pull Han Sanqian away, but Han Sanqian was like a boulder that pulled him back.

Just as Demon Beitian was confused, Han Qianqian smiled and looked at the large group behind him, saying, “Is everyone here?”

Mo BeiTian nodded, “All here.”

“Where are the wounded soldiers?”

“The wounded soldiers are in the middle, so they tend to block the way and reduce the speed of the march when they go in front, and they tend to fall out of the line after too many steps and fail to keep up. Therefore, I have always put them in the middle so that they have a care in front and behind.” Mo Bei Tian said.

Then, he softly came up to Han Qianqian’s ear and said, “In three days, many people’s injuries have worsened, and I know that you are in a difficult situation, and I, Devil Beitian, am never willing to give up on a situation, but in this kind of life-and-death situation, I think those wounded brothers can understand.”

Fearing that Han Qianqian would not be able to speak well, Devil Beitian simply took the initiative to speak.

Han Qianqian shook his head, “If you, Devil Beitian, don’t abandon your brothers, will I, Han Qianqian?”

“Besides, these injured brothers were all injured because they helped me that day, so not only can I not abandon them, but I still have the responsibility and obligation to save them.”

“Three thousand, brothers are brothers, but everything must be done for the greater good, righteousness is good, but if it is overdone, it would be foolishness, those who achieve great things do not stick to small things, with your words, I believe these injured brothers will never have any intention of blaming you.” Emotion Ji advised.

As the words fell, a chaotic sound was indeed suddenly heard in the central part of the procession, and as they looked around, some injured soldiers took the initiative to give up their positions in the middle and stood out.

“The Hall Master is right, our brothers from the Hundred Demon Hall are not afraid of sacrifice.”

“We from the Heavenly Demon Palace are by no means afraid of death either, you guys go, we’ll take the back.”

A group of wounded soldiers quickly understood the meaning of the big brothers and stood out one after another.

Looking at the resolute faces of the group of wounded soldiers, Han Qianqian smiled heartily, seeing them also made Han Qianqian start to miss the group of brothers from his own alliance.

“Don’t worry, I, Han Qianqian, am also absolutely true to my word, if I said I wouldn’t leave any of you behind, I definitely won’t leave any of you behind.”

“With me, Han Qianqian, none of you can die.” Han Qianqian also laughed confidently.

With those words, amidst the confusion and disbelief of Demon North Heaven and Emotion Ji, the mountain piercer also slowly walked over, smiled and said, “I can prove it.”

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Then, with a swift movement, he came up to Han Qianqian and said, “However, there are just too many people, I can only carry at most twenty or so meters deep.”

“More than twenty metres?” Han Qianqian smiled, that should be enough too.

“Then let’s get started.” The mountain-penetrator said.

Han Qianqian nodded, then suddenly, shook his head again, then, he waved his hand, gesturing for Emotional Ji and Devil North Tian to come to his side.

The two of them looked at each other in confusion, wondering what kind of medicine Han Qianqian was trying to sell in his gourd.

As they approached, Han Qianqian smiled, “I want you to do me a favour.”

The two of them were even more suspicious: “What kind of favour?”

“Help me find an outhouse!”