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His Destined Path Chapter 3405


Hundreds of metres behind them, huge trees as thick as a man’s arms around them seemed to have been suddenly cut down, falling one after another and forming themselves.

The gra*s beneath Han Qianqian’s feet also bent completely without a sound, making it difficult to return to its rightful place for a while.

Even the energy barrier that Han Qianqian had hastily put up when he felt something wrong behind him was also completely shattered, turning into emptiness and scattering with the wind.

All of this is enough to show the strength of the wave of Qi generated between this light explosion.

After all, for so long, there were only a handful of people who could break his defense head-on, and moreover, this was a way to break his defense in a way that did not attack him head-on.

“What is this?” Han Qianqian muttered a word.

The next second, he fiercely rose from the ground and frantically ran towards the bamboo house, suddenly remembering that the place where this explosion had occurred was his home, and Su Yingxia was still inside.

In just a few seconds, Han Qianqian had already rushed to the door of the bamboo house.

To his astonishment, although the bamboo house had exploded in a huge explosion, and the super strong wave of Qi was quite destructive, it was as if nothing had happened in the house.

Not only was nothing destroyed in the explosion, but even some of the furnishings in the house were exactly as they had been at the time, without the slightest change.

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This is really a big surprise.

The first thing that happened was that the company’s main business was the safety of Su Yingxia, and it was only after a short time that it rushed into the house.

Thank God, Su Yingxia was still lying on the bed as quietly as she had just been, not only unharmed, but just as unchanged as the furnishings outside.

What about the light explosion just now?

Han Qianqian couldn’t help but frown, completely unable to understand the mystery, but after carefully recalling that the light explosion was a white blur, Han Qianqian immediately made a connection between it and the holy power that was inputted into Su Yingxia’s body by Purple Emotion earlier.

Could it be that Su Yingxia’s body was unable to digest that unusually special power in itself?

Thinking about it like that, it seemed to make sense, but at the same time, it also made Han Qianqian unusually depressed, because it meant that all of Zi Emotion’s previous efforts had all come to naught.


But just as Han Qianqian was getting very depressed, a miserable cry woke Han Qianqian up again, and he was suddenly startled because the sound was extremely painful, and it was obvious that its owner was experiencing an inexpressible pain, and what was even more difficult was that the sound Han Qianqian could hear was that of Ziyou.

The first time I heard the sound of the voice, Han Qianqian hurriedly rushed out of the house, far above the lawn, purple love did not follow, still in the same place, but at this time she is not then the kind of sitting and lying, but incomparable pain on the lawn crazy twisting and rolling.

That light explosion, although the wave of Qi was indeed strong enough, Han Qianqian was basically sure that the wave of Qi blew through his own defense barrier, but the defense barrier had definitely dissolved a large amount of the wave of Qi before it shattered, therefore, under this kind of strength, it was impossible for Ziyou to suffer any great harm.

Moreover, this was not only Han Qianqian’s budget, but more importantly, Han Qianqian had experienced the wind energy attack together with Zi E. Therefore, he could basically be very sure that the wind energy generated by the light explosion could not possibly cause much damage to anyone at all.

However, Han Qianqian also knew very well that Zi Ei was a typical woman of the small family type, gentle and polite, and that she would never have disregarded the etiquette of her heart and screamed out in pain if she was not in extreme pain, let alone rolling around like a man.

The fact that she was in such a state could only mean that she must be in great pain and distress.

It was so strange and evil that the explosion was on the bamboo house side, and Su Yingxia was fine, but Ziyou had an accident, which was completely baffling.

Han Qianqian’s feet moved, although strange, but at this time still rushed to run to the purple love.

However, just as he reached Ziyou’s side, when he saw Ziyou’s present appearance, Han Qianqian’s footsteps could not help but stop fiercely. A good-looking face not only had a frown on its face, but also revealed an incomparable look of dismay ……