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His Destined Path Chapter 3406

Purple Emotion’s entire body was wrapped in a white light, the incomparably violent white light was like a furious and frenzied dragon, leaping around her body, and it seemed to be this same white light that caused Purple Emotion’s entire body to be in extraordinary pain.

“Ziyou.” Han Qianqian shouted sharply and rushed over quickly, wanting to reach out to pull Zi’er.

But what was so terrifying was that when Han Qianqian was about to reach out to help Ziyou, he had no intention of coming into contact with the white light, and when he came into contact with it, it was as if he had touched ten thousand volts of high voltage.

The explosion in the flash of lightning not only directly shook Han Qianqian back several steps, but its tremendous force even made Han Qianqian’s hand feel extremely painful for a while.

“How powerful.” Han Qianqian was shaken and sat on his buttocks, looking at the curling white light, and was shocked for a moment.

It was terrifying, too terrifying, just touching it had such a powerful anti-swallowing power, if one were to be in it, there was almost no need to think about how one would be hurt.

By now, Han Qianqian understood why Zi Ei, such a reserved person, had screamed so miserably and moved so painfully.

But because of this, Han Qianqian was exceptionally worried at this moment. Under such a fierce white light, Purple Emotion was suffering so much, what could he do to help her?

After a moment, he clenched his teeth, “Just die.”

Han Qianqian’s eyes closed and his heart snapped open as he slapped his palm directly at Zi Ei.

He knew that he would be shaken back and in great pain just by touching him, and that he would suffer even more pain if he had to pa*s through the white light.

However, Zi Yingxia was in such a predicament because she had saved Su Yingxia, so Han Qianqian should have tried his best to save her.


As expected, when his energy-laden hand touched the white energy again, the pain came directly from the marrow of his bones and then attacked his entire body.

Han Qianqian was now perfectly interpreting the meaning of this word, but if he had the choice, Han Qianqian would rather not have this experience.

The pain was so excruciating that, to a certain extent, it was no worse than when he was in Ye Shijun’s Black Wind, where he felt like his whole body was being torn apart.

But because of this, Han Qianqian, who had such experience, was even more comfortable in dealing with it. Under the painful bite, Han Qianqian forced himself to endure it all the way and extended his hand directly towards Zi Eo’s body.

“Get up for me!”

With a grit of his teeth, Han Qianqian finally broke through into the white light and immediately slapped the large hand with energy on Zi Eo’s shoulder as soon as he lifted her up.


More intense pain immediately hit his brain again, Han Qianqian even pained to the point that although he strongly endured it, his muscles were subconsciously twitching, but at this kind of time, he had no reason to give up, directly holding on hard against it, and the energy in his hand also violently pa*sed through Zi Eo’s back, and entered her body directly with a slap.

Almost as soon as the energy entered her body, Han Qianqian’s side was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, it was as if a flash flood had erupted inside Zi Emotion’s body, and all the energies in her body were in an extremely chaotic state, leaping about wildly and pounding madly, as if a person had gone mad.

“How could this happen?”

Han Qianqian frowned as he simultaneously focused his energy, forcing it through the incomparably violent energy within Zi Eo’s body, swimming rapidly through her meridians as if searching for something.

Soon, after one round, Han Qianqian’s entire body became even more confused.

The little black kernel that had surrounded that little poor man earlier was gone, and not even only was it gone, but even that little black kernel had completely disappeared, and if Han Qianqian hadn’t seen such a thing before, Han Qianqian would have thought it seemed to have never existed at all.

This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing before. /p>

Strange, how did this happen?

Even if the guy was conscious, he tried to resist in the face of his own seal in the first place, but the first thing is that even if it wanted to escape, it would have to break its own seal.

And even if it could break through its own seal, it was still inside Ziyou’s body.

Where did it go?

Did ……?