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His Destined Path Chapter 3408

I don’t think so!

Han Qianqian cursed, and did not slow down at all, forcing his Heavenly Eye to open, followed by gathering his power and punching another energy into Ziyou’s body, while his Heavenly Eye frantically scanned every inch of Ziyou’s meridians.

But even so, all the way through, everything was extremely normal.

He had previously thought that the poor man in the small black dot had used some kind of disguise technique to deceive himself during his investigation, so Han Qianqian directly used the Heavenly Eye technique to conduct a second investigation at this time.

But now, even under the Heavenly Eye, there was nothing unusual about it, which made Han Qianqian extremely confused.

Han Qianqian was physically and mentally exhausted from the many battles he had fought and the successive incidents he had had back here, so it seemed normal for him to have hallucinations.

But Han Qianqian is sometimes stubborn, especially when it comes to what he has decided, and sometimes he won’t turn back until he hits the wall.

However, the difference between Han Qianqian and ordinary stubbornness is that he is not stubborn in a mindless way, but he is regaining his strength and thinking carefully about how the moment when he was alerted or hallucinated came about.

Perhaps he could find some clues in this.

As Han Qianqian calmed down and thought carefully, he soon seemed to remember some small detail.

At the time when he had this feeling, Han Qianqian had first collected the chaos power and then slowly withdrew the last trace of his own body’s power.

Yes, the pain was so intense that Han Qianqian could not even hold on to it because of the initial contact. Han Qianqian is also human and naturally has his limits of endurance in the midst of extreme pain, so what he chose to do in the end was to use his Chaos power to help stabilise Ziyou’s body, while using his own power to protect his arm.

After the initial healing, Han Qianqian of course withdrew the Chaos power he used to heal Zi’er, and only afterwards did he withdraw his own power, and that was the whole process.

The first time I saw the film, I was able to see that the film was a very good example of the power of the sun. /p>

But later because of the discovery of the end of the place, Han three thousand attempts to simply use the chaos power to test, but did not have any protection for themselves.

It’s hard not to?

The first time I saw it, I was able to get a good look at it.

Originally, Han Qianqian was just trying it out, but it was this very attempt that led Han Qianqian to discover a new world.

To be precise, there was nothing inside Zi Emotion’s body as before, but the strange thing was that under Han Qianqian’s heavenly eyes, everywhere Han Qianqian’s power had pa*sed, it had left a trace of a mark.

It was as if Purple Emotion’s true energy was like a milky white milk, while Han Qianqian’s energy was like some coincidental force shattering, leaving a trace of Han Qianqian’s power all the way through.

This is very strange, how could it turn out like this?

Although Han Qianqian was wondering, his own power did not stop and continued to probe all the way. And as Han Qianqian kept probing, gradually, it seemed as if new situations were starting to happen again and again.

He seemed to sense something that was always present around his power as he moved forward, not only following it all the way, but even colliding with it many times.

And it was this collision that made Han Qianqian begin to believe more and more that what was there was indeed not an illusion, but a real presence, as the two currently looked very similar in feeling.

This gave Han Qianqian great encouragement, but at the same time it also made Han Qianqian’s whole being even more confused.

Because at this moment, Han Qianqian, who had the Heavenly Eye Charm on, still had not found anything.

This left Han Qianqian completely confused, on the one hand, there was a real and incomparable sense of touch, and on the other hand, there was his tried and tested Heaven’s Eye technique.

The two had worked together so closely before, but now they were contradicting each other. Which one seemed to be true, and which one seemed to be right, it was really a bit devastating.

What was to be done about this?

Just as Han Qianqian was puzzled, suddenly, he seemed to think of something: “I understand!”