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His Destined Path Chapter 3407

An unusually odd but terrifying thought suddenly popped into Han Qianqian’s head.

The D*mned thing couldn’t be that when healing Su Yingxia earlier, this little thing shifted battle lines along with the ma*sive amount of white energy and ran to Su Yingxia, right?

Although this thought is odd and absurd, but in connection with the explosion in Su Yingxia’s bamboo house just now, it seems …… that this possibility really cannot be ruled out again.

It entered Su Yingxia’s body and for a while it produced a huge explosion because it didn’t adapt and so on, but because Su Yingxia was its new host body and it had to ensure Su Yingxia’s safety, that’s why the strange phenomenon in the bamboo house just now occurred.

This makes sense and can be explained.

As for Purple Emotion, it was also very simple. She had suddenly broken away from something that had followed her for a long time, and although it was bad for her but not fatal, it had followed her for a long time, and the sudden and complete loss of it had led to the chaos of the true energy in her body, so it was normal for it to cause the present appearance.

It seemed, more and more, to be the case.

But Han Qianqian didn’t dare to jump to conclusions in vain, because although this could be explained, there was one doubt that reduced these possibilities.

If this guy was so smart and knew how to switch host bodies, then it shouldn’t have chosen a body like Su Yingxia.

It hadn’t seen the map, it didn’t know that Su Yingxia couldn’t die, and from its point of view, switching from an intact immortal body to a body that was already less than immortal, and which was also highly poisonous, seemed like something it wouldn’t be able to do if it wasn’t stupid.

Moreover, even if this creature was really stupid, it would never have done such a thing out of instinct.

So, what was this all about?

The only thing Han Qianqian could do at that moment was to use his own power to help Zi’er re-stabilise the crazy energy in her body, and then help her repair the meridians that had been damaged by the energy shock.

A few minutes later, Han Qianqian was already sweating profusely, and her face was pale.

Even Han Qianqian, who was as strong as she was, was beginning to suffer more and more as time pa*sed.

With Han Qianqian’s perseverance, the meridians were repaired and the abnormally violent aura began to stabilise.

Although there was still a white light rattling around inside her body, the pain was at least not so great that she was rolling in place, let alone screaming in terror.

Seeing that her condition was stable, Han Qianqian was also ready to withdraw his power in order to rest.

But just as Han Qianqian withdrew his energy and his own hand, he was about to get up, but he suddenly stopped woodenly and his brow furrowed slightly, as if ……

as if he had discovered something.

“Something is not right.”

Half a day, Han Qianqian murmured.

Then, he once again forced himself to endure the pain, and brought his energy back to hit Purple Emotion’s back.


When he was drawing back the energy just now, he seemed to feel that something had appeared in his meridians, albeit in a flash, but what kind of insight was Han Qianqian? How could he not feel it?

But when he punched the energy in again, it was exactly the same as before, and there was nothing at all in the meridians other than all kinds of energy.

Could it be an illusion?

Perhaps normally, Han Qianqian would not have thought much about it, but now that the strange situation was more related to Su Yingxia and Ziyou, how could Han Qianqian not look into it?

He drew back his hand and punched in energy several times in succession, so Han Qianqian was determined to find out everything.

But everything seemed to be telling Han Qianqian that what he had just seen was just an illusion.

As he retracted his hand, Han Qianqian was lost in thought. Was it really because he was in too much pain combined with too much exertion that he had hallucinated for a while?

It seemed, quite literally, possible.

But suddenly, Han Qianqian’s eyes stared, the can’t ……


Could it be that ……