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His Destined Path Chapter 3416

“But this solution ……”

Not waiting for her to finish her words, Han Qianqian was already unusually resolute, saying, “I am willing to try any method, as long as it can save my wife. ”

She paused slightly. Finally, she nodded, “Good, then I’ll get straight to the agreement. In view of the poison your wife is suffering from, there is no way for me to guarantee that I can completely cure her, and this is something you should also know by heart. ”

“How about I do my best to ensure that she gets better, and thereafter you agree to my terms? ”

“You should not be in a hurry to refuse. For this method is very risky. ”

“What will happen if it fails? ” Han Qianqian asked nervously.

“Nothing will happen to your wife if it fails, but to me. It could be doomed, and if I’m unlucky even my old man’s life will be lost here. Of course, if it succeeds, I don’t guarantee that I can remove the toxin, but at least I can make your wife’s life more comfortable. ”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian did not immediately agree, from her words Han Qianqian could be sure of one thing, that is, this business will be done to his own benefit, but no harm, Su Yingxia will be fine, something can only be done to it.

It seemed that for such a request, Han Qianqian naturally had no reason to refuse.

But for Han Qianqian. He could not bear the thought of having someone else fight for his wife’s life. Although what this Poor Qi of Heaven had done was really a bit excessive, it was not a crime worthy of death. Although Han Qianqian did want to punish it, he had no intention of killing it.

Now, it had to risk its life. It was indeed difficult for Han Qianqian to accept it for a while.

“What’s wrong? It’s not like I’m asking you kid to sell your life, and you’re still hesitating with me? ” she snorted coldly in disdain.

Han Qianqian raised his eyes slightly. Looking towards it, which was controlling Purple Emotion at the moment, his expression was rather serious: “If I were fighting for my own life, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate at all for the sake of my wife, but it’s also precisely because it’s not my life. ”

“So ……”

“What? Guilty now? Sorry about that? ” it laughed coldly.

If it were the sharp-tongued Han Qianqian of the party, it would naturally dislike it until it was dumbfounded. But to its unusual surprise, at this time Han Qianqian did not have any retort and instead nodded dryly, “Yes. ”

Han Qianqian’s reflection obviously made her feel unusually stunned, after a slight daze. She shook her head disdainfully: “I have lived for an unknown number of years, don’t engage in this kind of sensationalism in front of me. ”

“Old me doesn’t eat this. Besides, I didn’t gamble with my life for nothing. Remember what I told you, that there are conditions. ”

“I only have one hope, and that is that I hope that what you guy promised will count when the old man is done. ”

Hearing these words, Han Qianqian clenched his teeth and nodded firmly, “Since you have put your life on the line. Then I, Han Qianqian, have nothing to say. ”

“No matter what your request is, as long as you do your best to save my wife, I will never say no to anything that I, Han Qianqian, can do. ”

“I believe you. ” She laughed softly, then took a few steps to the bed. Stopping in front of the bed.

“This is a simple solution, the poison can’t be cured, but we can do it another way, dilute it. ”

Han Qianqian frowned, “Dilute? ”

“That’s right, reduce the concentration of the poison by a proper amount, that way. Even though your wife’s body is still poisonous, at least it won’t be as severe as it is today. ” She said softly.

“How do I dilute it? ”

“That requires your help. ” she said as she looked towards Han Qianqian.

Naturally Han Qianqian would not refuse and nodded, “How do I need to help you. ”

She didn’t move, but there was a smile in her voice, “This question is for you. It shouldn’t be difficult, I’m only the size of gravel. Now, do you know what to do? ”

“What you mean is ……” Han Qianqian frowned. There seemed to be some understanding of what this fellow, the Poor Man of Heaven, was thinking.

She nodded, “Since you know, then hurry up and do it. ”

Han Qianqian said no more, and a chaotic force in her hand directly entered Zi Ei’s body once more, after which she wrapped the Heaven’s Poor Man’s Qi in pure and incomparable power and slowly removed it from Zi Ei’s body.

Afterwards, Han Qianqian punched this energy directly into Su Yingxia’s body, along with the tiny body of the Heaven’s Poor Man’s Qi.

And as it entered Su Yingxia’s meridians, there was a bang ……